Number of States Included in Quarantine list Goes Up in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have added three more states to their quarantine list, requiring travelers to isolate for 14 days. This brings.... read more

New York State Regents Board Sets Rules for Re-Opening Schools

The New York State Board of Regents at their meeting today set new rules for the re-opening of schools in the fall.All schools will be required to.... read more

Hachnusas Seifer Torah in the Ichud Bungalow Colony in Monticello

Hachnusas Seifer Torah in the Ichud Bungalow Colony in Monticello.... read more

Sheva Bruches for a granddaughter of Harav Wolf Sicherman

Sheva Bruches for a granddaughter of Harav Wolf Sicherman author of Seifer Oitzer Peluois Hatorah and Kevias Mezuzah for the New Heichal Hatorah.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Cecilia Kleinbart A”H

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Cecelia Kleinbart A”H.Mrs. Kleinbart was born in Israel. She was married to Harry Kleinbart and.... read more

Four hospitalized in Liberty car crash

Liberty - At around 12:15PM Monday afternoon emergency responders and the Catskills Hatzolah were called to a motor vehicle accident on Twin Bridge.... read more

Cuomo Announces Formula for Reopening Schools

Monday morning, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, laid out the formula New York will use to determine whether schools will open in the fall.He says, “We.... read more

Mayor Says Infection Rate for Those in Twenties and Thirties is Rising

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at his daily press conference today said that the COVID-19 infection rate among those in their twenties and.... read more

NYC Marks First Day Since March with No Coronavirus Related Deaths

According to preliminary numbers, released Sunday, New York City has reached its first day in nearly four months without a single coronavirus.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Prestige Puzzles

New stores open every day, what separates the success of one from the other is what it offers. Customers are drawn to stores that serve a necessary.... read more

Multi Car Pile Up Leaves One Person Seriously Injured

This morning in Bensonhurst, one person was critically injured in a three car crash at 5:00 am.At the intersection of 18th Avenue and 65th Street two.... read more

Nichem Aveilim by the sons of the Sanz Rebbe Zt"l

Photos by: Issac Y., Avrumi Berger and Ari K..... read more

Hundreds Escort Elder Aleksander Rebbetzin at Levaya

Boro Park - Hundreds of Yidden attended the levaya Sunday morning of the elder Aleksander Rebbetzin, the mother of the rebbe of Boro Park and.... read more

Belz Holds Atzeres to Memorialize Three Chasidim Niftar From Covid

Boro Park - The Belzer kehilla held an atzeres to remember the three members who were niftar from the coronavirus.The hourlong event on Thursday took.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Custom Shirts by J. Morris

Custom Shirts by J. Morris is located at 4304 13th avenue. Moshe Yossel Guttman, owner, opened the store 16 years ago. Prior to selling.... read more

Number of Covid Patients in NY Hospitals Drops to Four-month Low

New York - The number of people hospitalized for the coronavirus in New York state has dropped below 800, marking the first time since the virus.... read more

Yurtzeit of the Bluzhev Rebbe Zt”l by his son the Bluzhev Ribatitch Rebbe

Photos by: Avrumi Berger .... read more

3 Suspects in custody after caught on rooftop of Paradise Manor.

3 Suspects where arrested early Sunday morning after they were caught on the roof of Paradise Manor by Boro Park Shomrim. The incident occurred.... read more