United Airlines Ejects Yidden From Flight For Alleged Infractions

A United Airlines pilot accused of discrimination ejected a group of heimishe yidden from a flight departing Florida this evening. Allegedly,.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: N and G Hardware

By Yehudit Garmaise     Eli Shamilov hails from across the world in Baku, Azerbaijan, but his customers at N and G Hardware on.... read more

New recipe: Pineapple Jalapeño CHICKEN SKEWERS

I love to grill pineapple, because heating it brings out the sweetness as it hits your plate.With all the pineapple that’s been around this summer,.... read more

Bar Mitzvah in Courts of Visnitz and Spinka

Photos by: Shia Fruchter.... read more

NYC Council Members Wary of Schools Resuming in September

There are 31 NYC council members still weary of schools reopening in the fall and wrote a letter addressed to Mayor de Blasio and the Department of.... read more

Worker Falls to Death at Construction Site

A construction worker died after falling down a floor at a construction site on 56th Street between 14th and 15th Avenues.The worker, in his 60’s,.... read more

Cuomo Guarantees to have all New York Votes Counted

On Thursday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed a legislation guaranteeing every New Yorker can vote safely and have their vote counted. Starting.... read more

NYC May Eliminate 400 Emergency Responder Jobs

According to the head of New York City’s Emergency Medical Services Union, the city wants to eliminate 400 emergency responder jobs. The cuts.... read more

Visnitz Montreal Rebbe Motzei Shabbos in Woodridge

Visnitz Montreal Rebbe Motzei Shabbos in Woodridge.... read more

BDE: Rebbetzien Malka Devora Wolfson A"H

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Rebbetzien Malka Devora Wolfson. Rebbetzion Wolfson is the daughter of R’ Eliezer Lipman and.... read more

New NYC Health Commissioner denies evidence for herd immunity in NYC, urges continued precautions

By Yehudit Garmaise:   With a friendly, warm, and straightforward demeanor, Dave A. Chokshi, MD, MSc, New York City’s new.... read more

" The Sale Corner "

Skulen Medley Featuring Yiddish Nachas, Sababa & Shira Choir

Skulen - Nachas Medley Live! | סקולען נחת מעדלי – Yiddish Nachas, Sababa, Shira Choir. MK ProductionSkulen - Nachas Medley Live! |.... read more

No Injuries in Accident Involving Empty School Bus

Boro Park - A school bus driving down 13th Avenue on Wednesday afternoon got into an accident when it sideswiped a car. The bus did not have any.... read more

Cuomo Warns About Upcoming Flu Season

Governor Andrew Cuomo warns New Yorkers about the upcoming flu season in combination with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as students return to.... read more