Mayor de Blasio: Alternate Side Parking to Resume Monday

Alternate Side Parking will start again Mayor de Blasio said on Monday. Alternate Side Parking will be only one per week on the latest day posted on.... read more

Group of Bochurim, Including One From Boro Park, involved and injured in a serious Crash in Holland

Antwerp - A group of bochurim, including one from a Boro Park family, were involved in a serious car accident on Thursday night on the A4 highway on.... read more

Breadberry Temporally Shut Down after ceiling collapsed

Breadberry supermarket, on the corner of 17th Avenue and 60th Street, is temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances, after the ceiling in.... read more

New Guidance for School Re-Openings

The New York State Education Department today released guidance for schools serving children between Pre-K and 12th grade.This new guidance includes.... read more

Workers at Jewish Day Camp in Serious Condition After Drug Intake

Kiamesha - Three workers at a Jewish day camp are in serious condition after they overdosed on drugs while the children were away from the.... read more

Burgers and Q is Back is excited to announce that Burgers and Q is reopening their doors after being closed since March 13th at the beginning of the.... read more

Mayor de Blasio Announces 100,000 Public School Children Will Receive Free Day Care

Mayor de Blasio Announces 100,000 Public School Children Will Receive Free Day CareIn order to make up for the gap left behind as the city announce.... read more

Bar Mitzvah for a grandson of the Nadvorna Rebbe

Photos by: Issac Y.... read more

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz Loses Primary Battle

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, who currently serves as the Assistant Speaker of the New York State Assembly represented parts of Boro Park since 1995, has.... read more

First potential Heat Wave of the Season Forecast for Early Next Week

Boro Park - The first heat wave of 2020 is forecast for early this coming week.Temperatures on Saturday are forecast to be in the mid 90s, continuing.... read more

Hackers Reportedly Paid Employee for Help

Hackers paid a Twitter insider to help gain access to several high-profile accounts.The Twitter insider worked with hackers to take over the accounts.... read more

" The Sale Corner "

1.3 Million New Unemployment Applications Filed

Last week, 1.3 million first-time unemployment applications were submitted after 17 straight weeks of job losses in the millions, further damaging.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Photo Factory

After Yossi Nagel got married, he was busy with a few odd jobs here and there, until he landed a job with Reb Shaya Pearl of Pearl Photo’s in the.... read more

Judge Blocks City’s Release of Uniformed Officer Disciplinary Records

A State Supreme Court justice blocked New York City’s move to comply with new disclosure requirements put in place following the repeal of 50-A,.... read more

Tenoyim in Courts of Faltishan and Bnei Torah Sanz

Photos By: Avrhom Moshe S..... read more