Facts That Figure: Cheese

  • Feb 28 2024
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  • 2:06 PM

Facts That Figure: Locks

  • Feb 21 2024
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  • 4:38 PM

Facts That Figure: Shovels

With snow in the forecast, New Yorkers are stocking up on salt, boots, and, of course, shovels. Whether the snow will be just a sprinkle or a.... read more

Facts That Figure: Cutlery

By: C.G. HoffmanIt’s very important to know how to set a proper table. We’re not just talking about being an impressive shvigger….... read more

Facts That Figure: Windows

"The history of architecture is also the history of windows" said Le Corbusier, the Swiss-French pioneer of modern.... read more

Fact That Figure: Handbags

Whether you call it a handbag, pocketbook, purse, or even reticule, one thing is for sure. No woman would step out on the street without a handy.... read more

Facts That Figure: Knitting

By: C.G. HoffmanKnitting is something that everyone is into these days, from bespectacled bubbies to pink haired hipsters. Everyone and.... read more

Facts That Figure: Vitamins

By: C.G. HoffmanThe vitamin industry has grown into a huge, money gobbling juggernaut, with Americans shelling out big bucks on.... read more

Facts That Figure: Lighting

By: C.G. HoffmanChanukah, which is now behind us,  is all about light, whether it’s the light of the Chanukah flames or.... read more

Facts That Figure: Eyeglasses

By: C.G. HoffmanThe Jewish people are known as the people of the book, but they can just as well be called the people with glasses..... read more

Facts That Figure: Fried Food

By: C.G. HoffmanCan you believe that the first documented fried food was probably… a doughnut! While dulce de leche filled doughnuts with.... read more

Facts That Figure: Batteries

By: C.G. HoffmanChanukah is coming soon, and you know what that means. You’re going to need lots of… batteries!• read more

Facts That Figure: Buttons

By: C.G. HoffmanRaise your hand if your mother made you chew on a piece of thread if she fixed a button or something else while you.... read more

Facts That Figure: Closets

By: C.G. HoffmanWhat do we all have too much of? Stuff! Where do we put all our stuff? In closets! What do we do when our closets have.... read more

Facts That Figure: Bread

By: C.G. HoffmanBread is often called “The staff of life,” and for good reason. For thousands of years, bread has been a staple.... read more

Facts That Figure: Alarm Clocks

by C.G. HoffmanWe all have a tiny little item in our lives that we absolutely hate but cannot live without: alarm.... read more

Facts That Figure: Daylight Saving Time

By: C.G. HoffmanNo, that’s not a typo. Contrary to the way most people pronounce it, it’s Daylight SAVING Time,.... read more

Facts That Figure: Dollar Bills

By: C.G. HoffmanMany today claim that we are entering a new, “paperless” society, and that credit cards are far superior to.... read more

Facts That FIgure: Maps

C.G. HoffmanTeacher: “George, go to the front of the class and show us where North America is on the map.” read more

Facts that Figure: Mugging It up for Coffee

C.G. HoffmanBrain juice, java, morning fuel,.... read more