‘Here Lies A-7241’: Holocaust Survivor Has Tattoo on Matzeiva

Boro Park - Rav Shia Jacobowitz, who was niftar a week away at the age of 100, never tired of retelling stories of how hashgacha pratis allowed him.... read more

Sheva Bruches in courts of Rachmestrivkah, Zidetchov Chicago and Chodrov‎

Sheva Bruches in courts of Rachmestrivkah, Zidetchov Chicago and Chodrov‎.... read more

Maimonides Dismantles Tent Set Up to Handle Covid Surge

Boro Park - The sprawling tent set up by Maimonides Medical Center to handle a surge in coronavirus patients was dismantled today.The temporary tent,.... read more

R’ Eluzar Obstfeld Returns home after being nearly 3 months in hospital.

R’ Eluzar Obstfeld, a Boro park resident who suffered from the coronavirus and was hospitalized for nearly three months, was welcomed home today by.... read more

Simchas Bais Bobov: Rebbe’s Youngest Son Engaged

The Bobover Chasidim are celebrating the big Simcha upon hearing that the Rebbe Shlit”a did a Shiduch with his youngest son Shloime, named after.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Mordchai's Shoe Repair and Barber Shop

Walk into Mordchai Leviyev’s modest shop on 16th Avenue and you’d be surprised by the amount of services you could get there. The.... read more

COJO-SI Kicks Off Summer 2020 With Summer Fruit and Vegetable Distribution

On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, at the Belzer Shtieble located in the Manor Heights section of Staten Island, the Staten Island Council of Jewish.... read more

Subway Starts to Bounce Back

After dropping to below 500,000 riders, the subways are seeing an increase in passengers as phase one of re-opening New York City begins. According.... read more

Group of 18 Rebbetzins Urge Vote for Chaim Deutsch

A group of 18 rebbetzins representing nearly every kehilla in Flatbush released an unusual letter on Tuesday, urging members of the community to vote.... read more

Shomrim Warns: Set Reminders Not to Leave Kids in Cars

Boro Park - With the hot weather in full force, the Boro Park Shomrim is warning drivers to set reminders not to forget their kids.Temperatures.... read more

A Boro Park resident painted "Black Lives Matter" on his window in solidarity with the George Floyd protests.

A Boro Park resident painted "Black Lives Matter" on his window in solidarity with the George Floyd protests..... read more

City to Honor Black Lives Matter Movement

Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced that the city will paint and re-name one street in each borough of New York City in honor of the Black Lives.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Lane Card and Gift Shop

The most popular store in Boro Park at this time of year stands in the heart of 13th Ave., sandwiched between an electronics store and a.... read more

New Recipe: Fruity Grilled CHICKEN CUTLETS

Fruity, Juicy, Diety, called whatever you like. You will love it! Yields: 4 portions. ·  4 pieces chicken.... read more

New York State Releases Summer Day Camp Guidelines

With the June 29th day quickly approaching, the date New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says summer day camps are allowed to open, the state released a.... read more

Boro Park Hatzolah delivers Supper in appreciation for NYPD 66PCT.

Members of Boro Park Hatzolah, in a show of appreciation, deliver supper to the NYPD 66th Precinct sponsored by the loft steakhouse..... read more

Driver Injured When Passing Red Light on 12th Avenue

Boro Park - A driver who passed an intersection against the light was injured when another vehicle crashed into the car monday afternoon.The driver.... read more