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MTA Faces a Major Budget Gap

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is staring at a deficit of more than $5 billion since the coronavirus pandemic hit in early March.On.... read more

Cuomo Tells Trump to Keep Federal Law Out of New York

In a press conference on Wednesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has spoken to the president on Tuesday about sending federal agents to New.... read more

Severe Storms and High Temperatures Expected Across the Tri-State Area

The first 2020 heat wave in the tri-state area drags on for a fifth day Wednesday, this time high temperatures come with a threat of severe.... read more

Zero Coronavirus Deaths Recorded in NYC for the First Time Since March

On Monday New York City recorded zero coronavirus deaths in what would be the first time since the pandemic raged through the city in March,.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Perfect Collision

Eli Berger worked for Prima Collision before opening his own shop 12 years ago with Yanky Lipschitz at 1555 60th street.This isn’t just a repair.... read more

Blackout Reported on 44th Street

A blackout has been reported on 44th street between 12th and 14th Avenues and 44th Street, including the traffic light at the intersection. The.... read more

Trump Declares Masks to be Effective

Declaring masks to be effective, United States President Donald Trump encouraged all Americans to wear masks as they provide significant protective.... read more

MTA App Now Provides Riders with Number of Passengers on Approaching Buses

In order to help MTA riders comply with social distancing precautions, MTA’s app has been updated to let passengers know how crowded an approaching.... read more

Bar Mitzvah in courts of Skulen and Chernobile

Photos by: Avrumi Berger .... read more

Boro Park Police Officer Retires After 27 Years

After 27 years of dedication and service to the Boro Park community, Sgt Edward  Wheeler has retired.He joined the 66 precinct 18 years ago as a.... read more

Cuomo Expands List of Quarantine States

At a news conference today, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the addition of 10 states to his quarantine list. Visitors from the states on.... read more

Bobov Rebbe Will Be in Boro Park for Upcoming Shabbos

The Bobov Rebbe will be in Boro Park for the upcoming Shabbos, and will conduct all prayers and Tish in the Bobov Bhm”d, due to the Yuhrtzeit of.... read more

NYC Has Distributed 100 Million Meals to Those in Need and Will Continue for As Long As Needed

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more people are out of jobs and are unable to provide food for themselves and their families. While.... read more

Coca-Cola Earnings Drastically Drop Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Coca-Cola’s global sales dropped 28 percent in the second quarter as coronavirus lockdowns continue to adversely affect consumption.The soft drink.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Hoffy’s Electronics

Shloime Hofstater is the original owner of Hoffy’s Electronics. It was founded all the way back in 1981 in a tiny 10x15 square foot store on 13th.... read more

Two Shoplifters Arrested for Stealing from a 13th Ave. Supermarket

Boro Park - Two suspects were arrested Monday night after they were caught stealing more than 30 cans of formula worth a few hundred dollars from a.... read more