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Delaware and Washington D.C., No Longer Under Quarantine List

On Tuesday, August 5, Washington D.C. and Delaware were removed from the list of states and regions with a 14-day quarantine restriction upon.... read more

Many New Yorkers still Left Without Power After Isaias Hits

Tropical storm Isaias seethed through New York, knocking out electricity for the second-highest number of Con Ed customers ever.Tuesday, a total of.... read more

WATCH: Footage from today’s storm that caused a lot of damage in Boro Park

WATCH: Footage from today’s storm that caused a lot of damage in Boro Park. Dozens of trees and branches fell down across the neighborhood.... read more

Cuomo Encourages Census Participation While Not Releasing Outreach Funds

In response to the federal government cutting Census responses a month short, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted today reminding people to.... read more

Two Teenagers Rescued From River in Liberty

Liberty - Two Teenagers were rescued Tuesday afternoon from a river on Stanton Corners Road, In Ferndale, Near Camp Bais Yaakov.The teenagers were.... read more

New Music Video: `Yihiu Lerazon` Featuring Motty Steinmetz

Composed by: Cheskie Weisz .... read more

AppleTree Opens its Doors in Swan Lake

There’s a brand new tree growing Upstate and it’s got a lot more than apples.  The vacationers of Swan Lake and the surrounding areas.... read more

911 Call Center Overloaded by Storm Related Calls

The 911 call center which picks up and dispatches emergency NYPD and FDNY calls in the city has been experiencing an overwhelming volume of calls.... read more

PHOTOS: Coastal Storm Isaias' Effect on Boro Park

As Coastal Storm Isaias has wreaked havoc on New York City, the combination of high winds and rain have knocked down many, many trees leaving.... read more

Have Water Damage? Here’s a 10% Off Discount online Restoration

BoroPark24 is proud to offer our readers a 10% discount on the cost of repairing water damage through Urgent Restorations.Following the storm that.... read more

House Catches Fire from Live Burning Wires

As the storm ripped through Boro Park, causing massive destruction with trees falling on nearly every street, many of them hit live wires causing.... read more

BRACE FOR IMPACT: Hurricane Isaias Causes Mayhem with Downed Trees, Flooding Around Boro Park

BRACE FOR IMPACT: Hurricane Isaias Causes Mayhem with Downed Trees, Flooding Around Boro Park.... read more

Storm Induced Chaos Continues

The Entire New York City is in complete chaos as Tropical Storm Isaiah passes through with raging rain and winds. The Verrazano Bridge has been.... read more

Tropical Storm Isaiah Hits Boro Park with an Uproar

The much-anticipated storm started at around 10:30 this morning with gusts of heavy rain and strong winds. As the storm continues to rage Boro.... read more

NYC Health Commissioner Resigns Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

New York City’s top doctor, Oxiris Barbot, who’s served as health commissioner the light the corona virus pandemic, has resigned on Tuesday.... read more

De Blasio Says to Take Tropical Storm Warning Seriously

Mayor Bill de Blasio warns New Yorkers to take this storm and the tornado warning that comes along with it, very seriously, as tropical storm Isaiah.... read more

Federal Judge Requires New York State to Count Previous Invalid Mail-in Ballots

A federal judge has ordered New York State election officials to count previously mailed-in ballots that arrived after the June 23rd primary or.... read more