Mayor de Blasio Joins the More than 3 Million New Yorkers who have been Vaccinated

 Mayor Bill de Blasio just joined the more than 3 million New Yorkers who have been vaccinated.At his morning press conference, Mayor de Blasio.... read more

Skulen Rebbe giving out Matzos for Donors of Kimcha Depischa Chasdei Eliezer

Skulen Rebbe giving out Matzos for Donors of Kimcha Depischa Chasdei Eliezer.... read more

Yeshiva Torah Vodaath Raises Funds for Rebbeim, Teachers, and Parents before Yom Tov

    “In the zechus of your support of Torah and our yeshiva, may your family be blessed with a wonderful Yom Tov, good health, Torah.... read more

Cuomo Reopens Fitness Classes, and Lifts 11pm Curfew for Many Businesses

  Just a few hours after receiving his own vaccine, Gov. Cuomo delivered the good news that while New York state has administered  7.... read more

IRS Expected to Push Back Tax Deadline Again this Year until Mid-May

     In order to give taxpayers more time to pay their taxes amidst the final stages of the COVID pandemic and tax law changes, the.... read more

Ichud Mosdos Gur Celebrates and Honors Reb Shloma Werdiger

By Yehudit Garmaise    Reb Shloma Werdiger was once asked, “What is the best advice you have been given?”   “Don’t focus.... read more

Bikur Cholim Offers Moderna Vaccines to Holocaust Survivors this Friday and Sunday

     Bikur Cholim has secured another block of appointments to administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for Holocaust survivors and.... read more

NYC Vaccinates More than 3 Million

By Yehudit Garmaise   While Mayor Bill de Blasio has set a goal to vaccinate 5 million New Yorkers by June, he is already 3/5 of the way.... read more

16 Yidden Detained Without Cause in Frankfurt Airport for 10 Hours

By Yehudit Garmaise   Rabbi Yisroel Rabinowitz of Boro Park has traveled through Germany several times on his way to Eretz Yisroel, but.... read more

New York Assembly’s Judiciary Committee Hires Law Firm to Investigate Gov. Cuomo

By Yehudit Garmaise    New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblyman Charles D. Lavine, who chairs the Judiciary Committee that.... read more

TOMORROW: Met Council brings America's largest free Pesach food distribution to Boro Park, Forest Hills

Met Council, the largest provider of kosher food in the country, has kicked off their annual food distributions across the city ahead of Passover to.... read more

Admorim and Rabanim by Nichem Aveilim for Children of Karlsburg Rebbe Ztz”l - Part 2

Photos by: Avrumi Berger, Issac Y, Taryag, Akiva K. .... read more

Shooting Victims’ Families and Police Unions Blame Gov. Cuomo’s Bail Reform for Spike in Shootings

By Yehudit Garmaise   Although Mayor Bill de Blasio might respond to the NYPD’s report of a 41.8% increase in shootings compared to the.... read more

Beyond the Vines: Kiddush Kup Wines

There is a legend among kosher wine aficionados, and people in the kosher wine business, about the time that Herzog Wine Company invited a group of.... read more

Vaccinated Yeshiva and Seminary Students With Proper Documentation Can Return to Israel after Pesach

By Yehudit Garmaise   Yeshiva and seminary students who have been vaccinated for COVID or have certificates of recovery will be allowed.... read more

Massive Gathering for Future of Bobov-45 Chassidus, Headlined by Rebbe Shlit”a

As BP24 has reported in the past, the Bobov-45 chassidus,—which has recently completed a massive building to house their fast-growing girls school,.... read more

The Showcase Brings 47th Street to a Beautiful Boutique in Boro Park

By Yehudit Garmaise     Boro Parkers who want to get great deals on gorgeous diamond jewelry no longer have to make the trip to 47th.... read more

BDE: R’ Aaron Yochanan Fleishman, z”l, longtime Hatzolah Coordinator

We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of Reb Aaron Yochanan Fleishman Z"L, following a long illness. The niftar was born in Williamsburg,.... read more