Comptroller Stringer to Mayor de Blasio: Cut $1.1 Billion in NYPD Spending Over Four Years and Reinvest in Vulnerable Communities and Vital Services

New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer sent a letter to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio calling on the City to cut $1.1 billion from the New.... read more

Flying Tall, a Red-Tailed Hawk Raises a Family in Boro Park

Boro Park - Boro Park is home to more frum Yidden than any other neighborhood in the world. It boasts more shuls, yeshivas and pizza shops than any.... read more

Pay by Smartphone Bus and Trains Delayed Due to Covid

NEW YORK - A plan to allow New York City residents pay every bus and train ride by a smartphone app will be delayed because of the coronavirus, the.... read more

A Boro Park family created and hung a unique banner from the 7th floor of an apt building thanking Hatzolah for their dedication to saving lives 24/7.

A Boro Park family created and hung a unique banner from the 7th floor of an apt building thanking Hatzolah for their dedication to saving lives 24/7..... read more

BDE: Rav Shia Jacobowitz Z”L.

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Rav Shia Jacobowitz Z”L, a holocaust survivor that always loves sharing his stories of.... read more

Person Arrested for Assaulting People on 42nd Street

A suspect was arrested on Monday evening after he went on an attack spree, hitting people on the street at the intersection of 12th Ave and 42nd.... read more

Cuomo Calls NYPD Response to Looting a ‘Disgrace’

New York - The weak response to the widespread looting and rampaging in New York City was a “disgrace,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said, spreading equal.... read more

Agudath Israel Says Religious Services Such as Minyanim Are Essential and May Be Performed During Curfew

Attention New York City residents – Rabbi Yeruchim Silber, Agudah's director of New York government relations, has this important message for you:.... read more

Exclusive: Eight Prominent Rebbes to Cuomo: Allow Yeshivas to Open

New York - Eight of New York’s most prominent admorim penned a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, pleading with him to allow the immediate reopening of.... read more

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein And Councilman Kalman Yeger To Governor Cuomo: Enough Is Enough. Re-open New York Now

Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Councilman Kalman Yeger today sent a letter (attached) to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on behalf of their constituents.... read more

Gov. Cuomo Says Summer Day Camps May Open June 29

Governor Cuomo announces summer day camps can open June 29, no decision on sleepaway camps..... read more

NYC Extends Nightly Curfew Through Sunday, June 7th

Due to recent nightly riots and looting, NYC will be under curfew nightly from 8pm to 5am from today through Sunday, June 7th..... read more

Erev Shavous in Boro Park Part 2

Erev Shavous in Boro Park.... read more

Suspect arrested for smashing a window of a shul on 15th Ave

A man was taken into custody after he smashed a window of a Shul in the heart of Boro Park, Monday night.It happened at on 15th Ave and 39th St.The.... read more

Workers Clean Up ‘Kill Cops’ Graffiti on BQE Road Sign

Brooklyn - Workers cleaned up a road sign on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway that was defaced with a hateful anti-police slogan earlier Monday.Someone.... read more

Exclusive: NYC Sheriff: Our Presence in the Neighborhood is Educational, Not Enforcement

In an exclusive interview with BoroPark24, NYC’s top Sheriff, Joseph Fucito, said his officers aren’t here to issue summonses or.... read more

Cuomo Announces Curfew in NYC to Handle Riots

Gov. Cuomo announced that NYC will have a curfew starting tonight to confront the increasingly violent protests.It is illegal to be outdoors from 11.... read more

Female Found Assaulted at Gas Station in Woodbourne

A female victim was assaulted in the head and dropped off by the Citgo gas station at the junction of Routes 42 and 52 in Woodbourne, NY, nearby the.... read more