Bobov Rebbe Will Be in Boro Park for Upcoming Shabbos

The Bobov Rebbe will be in Boro Park for the upcoming Shabbos, and will conduct all prayers and Tish in the Bobov Bhm”d, due to the Yuhrtzeit of.... read more

NYC Has Distributed 100 Million Meals to Those in Need and Will Continue for As Long As Needed

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more and more people are out of jobs and are unable to provide food for themselves and their families. While.... read more

Coca-Cola Earnings Drastically Drop Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Coca-Cola’s global sales dropped 28 percent in the second quarter as coronavirus lockdowns continue to adversely affect consumption.The soft drink.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Hoffy’s Electronics

Shloime Hofstater is the original owner of Hoffy’s Electronics. It was founded all the way back in 1981 in a tiny 10x15 square foot store on 13th.... read more

Two Shoplifters Arrested for Stealing from a 13th Ave. Supermarket

Boro Park - Two suspects were arrested Monday night after they were caught stealing more than 30 cans of formula worth a few hundred dollars from a.... read more

Free Social Robots for Holocaust Survivors

During this time, Holocaust survivors, especially, are suffering from social isolation and loneliness. This can be detrimental to their health and.... read more

Trump Warns Cuomo to Get Crime Under Control Or He'll Step in

Washington - With crime in New York City reaching record levels, President Trump is warning state leaders to tackle it or he'll bring in the.... read more

Legal Solution for Cooling Off with Fire Hydrants

All over the city, fire hydrants are being popped open by kids who need to cool off during these scorching hot summer days.This morning, on 15th.... read more

Boro park Snapshot: Belgium’s Best

Leiby Gross, the founder of Belgium’s Best, has emigrated from Belgium twenty years ago bringing with him age old recipes that make his products.... read more

Cuomo Warns NY Bars and Restaurants Could be Forced to Close Again if Crowding Does Not Stop

NYC has been cleared to enter Phase Four on Monday, reopening outdoor activities such as zoos and gardens, however, indoor dining and malls remain.... read more

Teen Girls Struck by a Vehicle, Transported to Hospital with Serious Injuries

Two teen girls, ages 17-18, were hit by a vehicle on 15th Avenue and 49th Street, while walking to day-camp.The girls both suffered serious injuries.... read more

Levayah of Rebetzin Malka Charna Mendlowitz A"H daughter of the Serdaheli Rov

Photos By: Avrhom Moshe S..... read more

New York Cases of COVID-19 on Downswing, Governor Cuomo Continues to Urge Caution

As the number of cases of COVID-19 continue to trend downwards, Governor Cuomo says that New Yorkers should still take caution.As of Sunday,.... read more

Group of Boaters Make Rally in the Harbor for Trump

A group of boaters made a rally for President Trump's re-election in the harbor near the Statue of Liberty today. The rally culminated in a boat.... read more

New York City to Enter Phase Four of Re-Opening on Monday

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have announced that New York City will enter phase four of the “New York.... read more

NYC to Receive Sweltering Temperatures This Week

New York City will feel hotter than ever this week with the heat index possibly shooting up to 110 degrees on Monday, according to a New York Post.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Couch Potato

Loeffler’s is a fourth-generation family owned business that was started seventy years ago by Yankel Loeffler Z”L, first as an.... read more