US Government Nearing Plan for Additional Stimulus Payment

Congress is negotiating a plan for a second round of stimulus checks. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that, “Our proposal is the exact.... read more

DHS Restores Trusted Travelers Program Access for New York Residents

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it will lift the ban on the Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) for New York residents.In February.... read more

New York Eliminates Driver’s License Suspensions for Unpaid Traffic Tickets

The New York Senate joined the Assembly Thursday in passing the Driver’s License Suspension Reform Act.The majority of all New York driver‘s.... read more

NYC Reported Lowest Number of New Coronavirus Cases Nationwide

Throughout the entire reopening process, New York has not seen any uptick in coronavirus cases and is seeing the lowest numbers across the country,.... read more

Subway Ridership Increases, Vaccine Scheduled for December, Death Rate Down

The U.S. has signed a contract with Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company working on the COVID-19 vaccine, for delivery of the first 100 million doses in.... read more

Monsey Trails Bus with Bobov Bucherim Involved in Accident

A Monsey Trails bus full with Bobov Bucherim collided with another vehicle Wednesday night on the BQE. The Bucherim were returning to the Catskills.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Refresh Fruit

Lipa Salamon worked for his father for five years after he got married. He was a manager at his father’s supermarket, Yidel’s, on the corner of.... read more

Fire at Camp Agudah Significantly Damages Two Buildings

“The Ranch” at Camp Agudah which houses many recreational activities including a game room was burned near to the ground last night in a large.... read more

Dr Zelenko fought for our lives, now he is fighting for his own.

Dr. Zev ben Leah Zelenko has been in the news since March. You saw his picture, watched his videos and read about his relentless war on the Covid-19.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Libby Langner A”H

Boro Park - We are saddened to inform of the petira of Mrs. Libby Langner, a lifetime resident and store owner of Boro Park, who passed away on.... read more

MTA Faces a Major Budget Gap

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is staring at a deficit of more than $5 billion since the coronavirus pandemic hit in early March.On.... read more

Cuomo Tells Trump to Keep Federal Law Out of New York

In a press conference on Wednesday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he has spoken to the president on Tuesday about sending federal agents to New.... read more

Severe Storms and High Temperatures Expected Across the Tri-State Area

The first 2020 heat wave in the tri-state area drags on for a fifth day Wednesday, this time high temperatures come with a threat of severe.... read more

Zero Coronavirus Deaths Recorded in NYC for the First Time Since March

On Monday New York City recorded zero coronavirus deaths in what would be the first time since the pandemic raged through the city in March,.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Perfect Collision

Eli Berger worked for Prima Collision before opening his own shop 12 years ago with Yanky Lipschitz at 1555 60th street.This isn’t just a repair.... read more

Blackout Reported on 44th Street

A blackout has been reported on 44th street between 12th and 14th Avenues and 44th Street, including the traffic light at the intersection. The.... read more

Trump Declares Masks to be Effective

Declaring masks to be effective, United States President Donald Trump encouraged all Americans to wear masks as they provide significant protective.... read more

MTA App Now Provides Riders with Number of Passengers on Approaching Buses

In order to help MTA riders comply with social distancing precautions, MTA’s app has been updated to let passengers know how crowded an approaching.... read more