Uvos Ibunim in Burstien Shul

  • Jan 3 2021
  • |
  • 12:49 AM

BDE: R’ Shaya Fried Z”L

  • Jan 2 2021
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  • 7:35 PM

Lipa Gross Brings Napa Valley to Boro Park in His New Wine Store

By Yehudit Garmaise  Lipa Gross has bottled the colorful hills and the verdant vineyards of Napa Valley, and Oxnard, California, and brought.... read more

Rain Tonight, but Sun and Mid-50s for Shabbos Day

By Yehudit Garmaise  Rain is expected to fall in Boro Park tonight at around 6pm, becoming heavier late into the night, Yaker Bigeleisen, the.... read more

One-Year-Old Child Found Dead Inside Home, Being Investigated as Homicide

The NYPD is investigating after a one-year-old child was found dead inside a home at 4303 12th Avenue On Tuesday, April 21.Police said they responded.... read more

Mayor de Blasio Appoints Edward Grayson NYC’s Sanitation Commissioner

By Yehudit Garmaise      Yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio filled the vacancy in the City of New York’s Department of Sanitation.... read more

The Greatest Blessings of All: Knowing One's Strengths and Talents

From “Torah Wellsprings” by Rav Elimelech Biderman    "It is not good when one does not know his or her faults,” said Reb Yerucham.... read more

Two New Election Laws to go into Effect Today

By Yehudit Garmaise   New York state lawmakers have created and updated two new election laws, effective today, that will simplify and.... read more

MTA Rolls out OMNY, Riders Can Now Pay without Touching Anything

By Yehudit Garmaise   All the bus and subway stations in the city now allow New Yorkers to pay their fares without touching anything: a.... read more

66th Precinct Rings in the New Year with a New Commanding Officer

 By Yehudit Garmaise     After serving the 66th Precinct as its commanding officer for two years, Deputy Inspector James King is.... read more

Police Arrest Man for DUI Early Thursday Morning on New Utrecht Ave

  The NYPD arrested a 35-year-old man for driving under the influence after they found him slumped over the steering wheel of his 2001 Honda.... read more

NYPD Dep. Chief Charles Scholl Retires Today after 41 Years of Serving New York City

By Yehudit Garmaise   Today, the NYPD’ honored Dep. Chief Charles M. Scholl, who has retired after serving South Brooklyn for the last 41.... read more

Minimum Wage in New York state Jumps to $12.50, NYC Remains at $15

By Yehudit Garmaise    Today the New York state minimum wage jumped from $11.80 to $12.50 an hour, except in New York City, where all.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Sara Friment Ehrenfeld, A"H

 We are saddened to inform the community of the petira of Mrs. Sara Friment Ehrenfeld, who was 93.      Mrs. Ehrenfeld, a”h,.... read more

Alternate Side and Meter Rules Suspended New Years Day

Alternate side parking (street cleaning) and parking meter regulations are suspended on New Years Day, Friday, January 1, 2021..... read more

Mayor de Blasio Wants to Jump-Start NYC’s Vaccination Process in January

By Yehudit Garmaise   New York City has received 390,425 vaccine doses and has been able to administer only about 78,000 shots, according.... read more

NYPD Say 2020 the Bloodiest one in a Decade

By Yehudit Garmaise   At year’s end, the NYPD recorded 447 killings: making this past year the bloodiest one in almost a.... read more

Boro Park Center’s Residents and Staff Members Get First Vaccination Shots

By Yehudit Garmaise     Boro Park Center (BPC) residents and staff members are buzzing with excitement today because Vaccination Day.... read more

Met Council providing Masbia with a Boost in Food Reserves for 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic Masbia has been dealing with a 500% increase in demand making it extremely challenging to just simply.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Sarah Censor, A"H

  We are saddened to inform the community of the petira of Mrs. Sarah Censor. She was 83.     Mrs. Censor, who was married to Reb.... read more