Multi Car Pile Up Leaves One Person Seriously Injured

This morning in Bensonhurst, one person was critically injured in a three car crash at 5:00 am.At the intersection of 18th Avenue and 65th Street two.... read more

Nichem Aveilim by the sons of the Sanz Rebbe Zt"l

Photos by: Issac Y., Avrumi Berger and Ari K..... read more

Hundreds Escort Elder Aleksander Rebbetzin at Levaya

Boro Park - Hundreds of Yidden attended the levaya Sunday morning of the elder Aleksander Rebbetzin, the mother of the rebbe of Boro Park and.... read more

Belz Holds Atzeres to Memorialize Three Chasidim Niftar From Covid

Boro Park - The Belzer kehilla held an atzeres to remember the three members who were niftar from the coronavirus.The hourlong event on Thursday took.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Custom Shirts by J. Morris

Custom Shirts by J. Morris is located at 4304 13th avenue. Moshe Yossel Guttman, owner, opened the store 16 years ago. Prior to selling.... read more

Number of Covid Patients in NY Hospitals Drops to Four-month Low

New York - The number of people hospitalized for the coronavirus in New York state has dropped below 800, marking the first time since the virus.... read more

3 Suspects in custody after caught on rooftop of Paradise Manor.

3 Suspects where arrested early Sunday morning after they were caught on the roof of Paradise Manor by Boro Park Shomrim. The incident occurred.... read more

DOH Issues New Guidelines Regarding the Operation of Temporary Residences

The New York State Department of Health issued new guidance on Friday for the operation of temporary residences. After Governor Cuomo banned.... read more

50 Year Old Father Killed by Drunk Driver on 39th Street

A 50 year old father was killed by a drunk driver this evening near 39th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway. The 21 year old driver was arrested by the.... read more

Photos: Tree Fell Down Crushing Car But Leaving No Injuries

A tree fell down this Shabbos near 12th Avenue and 54th Street crushing a car but luckily not injuring any people.... read more

BDE: Rebbetzin Rochel Singer A"H, Aleksander Rebbetzin of Boro Park

Boro Park - We are saddened to inform of the petira of the Aleksander Rebbetzin, the mother of the Aleksander Rebbe of Boro Park and almana of the.... read more

Mayor Announces New Plan to Reduce Shooting Incidents

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced at his daily briefing today that he will be launching a new effort to stop shootings in the city before.... read more

New York State to Allow Nursing Home Visitors

New York will soon be begin allowing visitors to nursing homes after a three-month ban. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state prevented all nursing.... read more

Prospect Park Zoo to Reopen

The Prospect Park Zoo is planning to reopen on July 20. Forced to close due to the pandemic, the zoo has been shut since March. Initially, until.... read more

Alternate Side Parking Regs Suspension Extended for Another Week

New York – The suspension of alternate side parking regulations, already having gone for most of the past four months, was extended for an.... read more

Heavy Rains to Drench NYC Throughout Friday

New York - Drenching rain is forecast for the entire Friday in New York City, with severe thunderstorms and gusty winds.The National Weather Service.... read more

In Summer Months, Don’t Become a Victim of Thievery

While a lot of us leave our homes and head upstate, there is something we need to be aware of - burglaries. During the summer months break-ins are.... read more

Mayor de Blasio Announced No Large Events in NYC Through September

All large events in New York City planned through the end of September have been cancelled according to the Mayor's Office.These large event.... read more