Alternate Side Parking Rules Suspended July 19-21

 Alternate side parking (street cleaning) regulations are suspended Monday-Wednesday 19-21, 2021 for Idul-Adha (Eid Al-Adha).All other.... read more

Suspect Arrested for Assault on 9th Ave and 57th Street

The NYPD has arrested a suspect for assaulting another person Friday morning on 9th Ave and 57th Street.The victim was punched in the face but.... read more

Lawmakers Urge Gov. Cuomo to Allow More Nursing-Home Visits

   Gov. Andrew Cuomo should lift the remaining restrictions for visits at nursing homes, argued 24 New York state Democratic lawmakers in a.... read more

Lyft to Resume Shared Rides for First Time Since March 2020

     Lyft on Thursday said it will reinstate the option for passengers to book shared rides in select U.S. markets for the first time.... read more

Multiple People, Including Child, Injured in Monticello Car Accident

Monticello - A child who was seriously injured in a car accident Friday morning was transported by helicopter to Westchester Medical Center.The.... read more

BDE: Passing of a Legend, Haga’on Hachossid Rav Yoel Kahn, zt”l, Chief Chozer for Lubavitcher Rebbe, and Mashpiah to Thousands

The Lubavitcher community across the world, as well as many outside it, were deeply saddened this afternoon with the sad news of the passing of a.... read more

Pupa Day Camp in Boro Park

Photos by: Issac Y..... read more

The Number of New Yorkers Who Have Been Shot Since Jan. 1 is 900: the Highest Since 2002

By Yehudit Garmaise     In New York City, so far in 2021, the number of people who have been shot is 900: the highest number for this.... read more

Living Legacy: Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzenski, zt”l

5 Av marked the yohrtzeit of the leader of Lithuanian Torah Jewry—widely considered the gadol hador of prewar Torah Jewry—Rav Chaim Ozer,.... read more

The Top Five Reasons Men Are Pursuing THIS Degree

News that Sara Schenirer’s Men’s Division now offers a master’s in cybersecurity for men has been greeted with great excitement by the frum.... read more

Assemblyman Abbate Joins Fight to Stop DOT’s Conversion of Avenues into One-Way Streets

     Assemblymember Peter Abbate has joined a coalition of Brooklyn residents, who are suing the city’s Department of Transportation.... read more

Brooklyn’s District Attorney Eric Gonzalez Reassures Community Leaders that He will Stay Tough on Hate Crime

By Yehudit Garmaise     Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez met with community leaders from Shomrim, Chaverim, and Hatzolah at.... read more

39 Million Americans to Receive First Installment of Child Tax Credit Today

     Most of the 39 million American families who are eligible for President Joe Biden’s expanded child tax credit will receive the.... read more

Another Heat Wave Going to Scorch NYC Area

Boro Park - Another heat wave is preparing to sear New York City with triple-digit temperatures, but cool weather will kick in just in time for Tisha.... read more

BDE: Meis Mitzvah, Reb Aron Yeshaya Porush, z”l, of Yerushalayim, Suffered Heart Attack in Boro Park

Shock coursed through Boro Park, as the news spread of a terrible tragedy that occurred in our midst. This afternoon, Reb Aron Yeshaya Porush,.... read more

Man Dies of Apparent Overdose in Car on 58th Street

     The NYPD is investigating the death of a 42-year-old man who was found unconscious after an apparent drug overdose inside a black.... read more