Living Legacy: The First Liska Rebbe, Ach Pri Tevuah

In Chassidic Hungary, there are a few legendary names of the early pioneers, tzaddikim of Hungarian origin who connected with the derech.... read more

Cuomo Bars 17-Year-Olds from Marrying: Even with Parental Permission

     Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo today signed that raised the age of consent to be married in New York State from 17 to 18.  .... read more

Skulen to Celebrate Motzei Shabbos Nachamu in Monroe, as Tradition Grows

A little known fact about the joyous Motzei Shabbos Nachamu events that have become so popular in camps around the Catskills is that they trace their.... read more

Overall Subway Crime is Down, while Assaults on the Rails Spiked by 40%

     New York City subways have actually seen fewer crimes from Jan. 1 to July 18 this year than the underground transit system saw in.... read more

Massive Internet Outage Briefly Takes Down Amazon, UPS, and Many Others

Amazon, UPS, AirBNB, Disney, and Southwest Airlines are among the hundreds of websites that briefly disappeared offline today after the internet.... read more

New "Destructive, Severe" Thunderstorm Warnings to Alert Cell Phone Users with Emergency Alerts

     The National Weather Service (NWS) will better communicate upcoming severe and potentially dangerous weather, when on July 28,.... read more

Cuomo Signs Law to Expand Insurance for Damaged, Lost, and Stolen Cell Phones

     Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a new law that gives New Yorkers the opportunity to get less expensive insurance for damaged, lost,.... read more

Boro Park Leadership Thanks Majority Leader Schumer for Strong Efforts to Save Child’s Life

Brooklyn, NY— As the battle wages leaving the life of a child on life support in the balance, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y was.... read more

Two People Miraculously Rescued from Partially Overturned Vehicle

Two people were miraculously rescued with no injuries after being in an accident that resulted in their vehicle overturning on its rear end.The.... read more

Tisha Bav in Boro Park

Photos by: Avrumi Berger, Lensky Photos and Isaac Y..... read more

Cuomo Signs Law that Allows NY Voters to Request Absentee Ballots Online

     New Yorkers who wanted to cast their votes via absentee ballots previously had to appear in person, mail, or fax their local.... read more

2021 has Shown Most Traffic-Related Deaths Since 2014

     More pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists in New York City died in traffic-related deaths since January than the first six month of.... read more

Mayor Mandates Vaccination for City’s Healthcare Workers

By Yehudit Garmaise       Despite the city’s best efforts to make vaccination as easy and accessible as possible to.... read more

Third State Legislator Proposes Harsher Penalties for E-Bike and E-Scooter Drivers who Commit Hit-and-Runs

     Electric scooter and e-bike riders who harm or kill pedestrians in hit-and-run accidents should face penalties that are equal to.... read more

TEHILLIM: Boro Park Bachur in Critical Condition from Heatstroke on Mt. Hermon

Pinchas Menachem ben Daliah, a bachur from the Gerer community in Boro Park is in urgent need of our tefillos Monday  evening. He collapsed from.... read more

Board of Elections Certifies NYC's Mayoral Primary Results

     After a slightly bumpy roll-out of the city’s debut of ranked-choice voting for the Mayoral Primary, the Board of Elections.... read more

New Yorkers Wait up to 18 Weeks for Passports to Arrive, after Pandemic

     New Yorkers who have the travel bug are being confronted with frustrating and lengthy delays in the processing of their passports.... read more