Music Video: "Likras Shabbos" by Motty Atias & The Shira Choir

After releasing six beautiful songs, Motty Atias has decided that his seventh song should be dedicated to the seventh day of the week, the holy day of Shabbos, a day of rest after six days of work.

Just a few months ago, on Erev Shabbos right after Pesach, Motty tragically lost his favorite singer and closest friend, Reb Michoel Schnitzler zt"l. Going into that Shabbos was incredibly difficult for Motty. A few weeks later, Motty arrived in Israel and composed a song inspired by the words we say when welcoming Shabbos. This song serves as a tribute to Reb Michoel Schnitzler zt"l, who passed away just before welcoming Shabbos.

Motty approached his talented friend, Menachem Friedman, to begin production on this song. Hours, days, and months of work were poured into this project, resulting in a truly special creation.

With a beautiful video welcoming Shabbos in Tzfas, the new song is now ready for all to enjoy. It serves as a heartfelt invitation to welcome Shabbos with open arms. Motty Atias and Menachem Friedman, along with the incredible team involved, wish everyone a peaceful and joyous Shabbos.



Composed & sung: Motty Atias 

Music Arrangements & Produced:

Menachem Friedman

Guitar: Nachman Dreyer - Bass guitar: Arie Volinez - Flute & Saxophone: Dor Asraf - Drums: Avi Avidany - Strings Orchestrated & Recorded: Sonc Duo Studios | Mendy Hershkowitz

Vocals Recorded, Mix & Mastered: Gershy Schwarcz - Choir: Yoely Horowitz | The Shira Choir

Video Produced & Directed: Sruly Bruncher

Videographer: Issac Kelman 

Edit & Color grading: Sruly bruncher

Acters: Motty Chaimowitz - Nachman Zlata - Nehuray Markowitz- Shiman Barzatky 

Cover Art: Avrumy Zilberstein - - Project Inspired: Sruly Godinger

Special Thanks

Gedalya Weiser - Mendy Twerski - Yoely Lebovitz  Pinny glick- Sholmy Kraus - Pinny Raab - Motty Klien, 

Without your help, I wouldn't have made this into a reality ♥️ 

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