Culinary Corner: Fish N' Chips

This version of fish n’ chips was inspired by the classic “Chicken & waffles” flavors. These crispy fried fish fingers, are crunchy outside.... read more

Shabbos Depot located at the Mountain Mall in Monticello and is open throughout the year

 Shabbos Depot located at the Mountain Mall in Monticello and is open throughout the year is now open with a fresh takeout every day..... read more

2021 has Shown Most Traffic-Related Deaths Since 2014

     More pedestrians, drivers, and cyclists in New York City died in traffic-related deaths since January than the first six month of.... read more

Mayor Mandates Vaccination for City’s Healthcare Workers

By Yehudit Garmaise       Despite the city’s best efforts to make vaccination as easy and accessible as possible to.... read more

Third State Legislator Proposes Harsher Penalties for E-Bike and E-Scooter Drivers who Commit Hit-and-Runs

     Electric scooter and e-bike riders who harm or kill pedestrians in hit-and-run accidents should face penalties that are equal to.... read more

TEHILLIM: Boro Park Bachur in Critical Condition from Heatstroke on Mt. Hermon

Pinchas Menachem ben Daliah, a bachur from the Gerer community in Boro Park is in urgent need of our tefillos Monday  evening. He collapsed from.... read more

Board of Elections Certifies NYC's Mayoral Primary Results

     After a slightly bumpy roll-out of the city’s debut of ranked-choice voting for the Mayoral Primary, the Board of Elections.... read more

Koson Rebbe Visiting Camp Meor Hatorah

New Yorkers Wait up to 18 Weeks for Passports to Arrive, after Pandemic

     New Yorkers who have the travel bug are being confronted with frustrating and lengthy delays in the processing of their passports.... read more

Tisha Bav in Bobov-45

Photos by: Hillel Lash.... read more

Three Men Indicted for Assault and Menacing as Hate Crimes For Attacking Jewish People Outside Synagogues

 by Yehudit Garmaise     Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez today announced that three Brooklyn men have been charged in a.... read more

Viznitz Boro Park Rebbe to Journey with Chassidim in the Footsteps of Holy Ancestors

The Viznitz Boro Park community will be journeying together in the coming weeks for an elevated trip to Ukraine, the birthplace of the chassidic.... read more

Mayor de Blasio Calls on MTA to Fast-Track Congestion Pricing

By Yehudit Garmaise     As New York City reawakens, and jobs, activity, businesses, and tourists return to the city, “Congestion is,.... read more

Wildfires from Western States and Canada Bring Orange, Smoky Haze to NYC

    The 860 large wildfires that are currently raging in both southwest Canada and in western American states across the US and in have not.... read more

Beyond Boro Park: How the Niklosburger Rebbe Spreads Unbridled Ahavas Yisroel Throughout the Catskills

It is a place that has gained renown throughout the world. The century-old shul Bnei Israel Shul in Woodbourne, located in the center of the.... read more

Tisha B’Av by Rebbes and Rabonim in Boro Park - Part 2

Photos by: Hershey Rubinstein, Avrhumi Berger, Issac Y, Lensky Photos.... read more