City Issues Guidelines as Outdoor Dining Makes a Come Back

YS Gold Dining Out NYC is New York City's permanent outdoor dining program. Beginning in.... read more

Beginning March 1, Businesses Required to Dispose of Trash in Bins

YS Gold An onerous requirement for New York City businesses is about to go into effect on March 1. While many.... read more

NYPD Request Public Assistance in Identifying Robbery Suspect

BoroPark24 StaffThe NYPD has requested public assistance in identifying a suspect involved in a robbery after he stole a package right out.... read more

Kollel Toras Aish-Dushinsky Closes on Massive Property in Heart of Boro Park

YS Gold This afternoon, the news emerged that the venerated Kollel Toras Aish-Dushinsky has closed on the massive property.... read more

Catch & Co Offers Cutting-Edge Array of Prepared Fish and Appetizing

YS Gold Newly-launched Catch & Co is making waves in the culinary world, offering a dizzying array of cured and smoked fish,.... read more

Viznitz Yerushalayimer Rebbe Heads to Eretz Yisroel for Bar Mitzvah

YS GoldToday, the Viznitzer Rebbe departed for Eretz Yisroel for a short trip that will last until after Shabbos. He is.... read more

New York Will See Haze From Canadian Wildfires Once Again

YS Gold The thick haze that hovered above New York City is for some a non-too-distant memory. Today, we can expect a.... read more

MTA Installs Vertical Stanchions in Stations to Protect Conductors

BoroPark24 StaffThe Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) installed new vertical stanchions made of flexible rubberized material.... read more

Bridge Construction Starts on 18th Avenue

BoroPark24 StaffAs we reported last.... read more

TONIGHT: Skulener Rebbe Will Preside Over Grandchild’s Wedding

Yitzy Fried This evening, a great simcha will take place in the Skulener court when the Rebbe’s granddaughter will marry the.... read more

Solutions for Boro Park Victims of EBT Funding Theft

by M.C. MillmanWith SNAP EBT (food stamps) thefts on the rise, as read more

Gridlock Alert: President Biden New York Visit Causing Increased Traffic Throughout Day

President Biden will be arriving soon in New York to attend campaign events. Biden departed at 12:25 from Washington for New York and.... read more

Simcha in Courts of Rachmastrivka and Bobov-45

YS Gold Tonight, the wedding will take place of the chosson Shmuel Rubin, a grandson of the Bobov-45 Rov, with the granddaughter.... read more

AT&T Will Award $5 to Every Customer Impacted by Outage

YS Gold Last.... read more

Boro Park Library Expands Hours to Include Sunday

by BoroPark24 StaffAssemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, Senator Simcha Felder, and Councilman Kalman Yeger jointly announced with the Brooklyn.... read more

BDE: Rabbi Meyer Leifer, z”l

YS Gold BoroPark24 regrets to inform you of the petirah of Rabbi Meyer Leifer, a longtime rov and chazzan in Manhattan and scion.... read more

Sharp-Eyed Shomrim Member Spots Stolen Vehicle, Returned to Owner Following Chase

YS Gold Two weeks ago, a vehicle was stolen from a Boro Park resident. This afternoon, following a dramatic chase, the vehicle was.... read more