Federal Judge Requires New York State to Count Previous Invalid Mail-in Ballots

A federal judge has ordered New York State election officials to count previously mailed-in ballots that arrived after the June 23rd primary or.... read more

NYC Braces for Isaias as Tornado Watch is in Effect

New York City is bracing for impact in the next few hours as Tropical storm Isaias is forecasted to make landfall on Tuesday afternoon with high.... read more

Seudas Houdah Motzei Shabbos Nachmu in Skulen

Photos By: Yossi Goldberger.... read more

Tisha Bav in Boro Park

Photos by: Issac Y., Avrumi Berger, Hershy Rubinstein.... read more

Violent Shootings Continue to Plague NYC

Police confirmed a total of 22 people, including several teenagers, were shot across the city on Sunday night, early Monday.On Friday and Shabbos,.... read more

Blue Melody 2020 Vision featuring Eli Marcus and Moshe Tischler

Blue Melody 2020 – a new vision, new sound, next level energy and class. Featuring the gorgeous voices and boundless energy of two of the.... read more

Cuomo Blames Trump for Coronavirus, Says He’s Lying to Americans

Cuomo believes the U.S. should hit the reset button on the entire country and begin with telling Americans the truth.During a press conference.... read more

MTA Continues to Require Masks on the Subway and Bus

As thousands travel daily on the various modes of transport offered by the MTA, the agency and Governor Cuomo are continuing to require face.... read more

Man Arrested for Stealing Bike on 18th Avenue

A man well known to both Shomrim and the NYPD for his criminal and nuisance behavior over many years has been arrested yet again.The offense this.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Mr. Mailman

With the advent of e-commerce and Amazon businesses as well as the general need to send business and personal mail, there has never been such a high.... read more

Tropical storm warning issued for tri-state area as Isaias approaches the Carolinas

On Tuesday, a tropical storm is expected across regions in the Tri-State area, as Tropical Storm Isaias is forecasted to hit the Carolinas by the end.... read more

Rebbes and Rabbanim at kinos on Tisha B'Av around the Catskills. Part 1

Photos by: Hillel Lash, DH Kerim, Avrum Moshe S..... read more

Alternate Side Parking Returning to NYC After Nearly 4-month Suspension

New York – Alternate side parking regulations are ending their record four months suspension on Monday, after the city completed four phases of.... read more

Hakumas Matzeiva and Shloshim Seuda for Tzanzer Rebbe Ztz”l to be This Monday

The children and Chasidim of the Tzanzer Rebbe Ztz”l of Boro Park will gather for a Shloshim Seuda and Siyum Mishnayos Liuli Nishmas the Rebbe.... read more

Hurricane Isaias Downgraded But Stormy Weather Still Forecast for NYC

New York - Hurricane Isaias has downgraded to tropical storm strength as it batters the Eastern seaboard but forecasters are still predicting.... read more

Pair of Car Burglars Arrested After Spree of Thefts

Boro Park - A pair of car burglars who went up and down Boro Park streets checking which cars were unlocked and then stealing from 2 vehicles were.... read more

Boro park Snapshot: Big Fleishig’s

Eppes a sandwich, a gevaldige sandwich, a geshmake chicken sandwich, a boro park chicken sandwich - these are just some of the unique sandwich names.... read more

Cuomo to Make Decision This Week on Schools, Suggests They Will Open

New York - Gov. Andrew Cuomo will decide this week whether schools in New York state will reopen in the fall but suggested in a conference call.... read more