NYPD Promotes Richie Taylor, Frum Police Officer, to Deputy Chief

By Yehudit Garmaise “Deputy Chief” will be the new title of Richie Taylor, the highest-ranked kippa-wearing police officer in.... read more

Red Light Cameras to Increase from 1% of Intersections to 10%, if Bill Passes

By Yehudit Garmaise “How can we say to parents who have lost children to traffic violence, 'Sorry, we didn’t want to do the.... read more

NYC Ferry Filing Bankruptcy, Service Not Affected

C.G. HoffmanDespite more commuters than ever choosing to use the NYC Ferry Service, the company that runs it has filed for bankruptcy..... read more

Nationwide Cellphone Outage Affects AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile

Downdetector counted tens of thousands of cellphone customers who checked in to report outages this morning.The outages, which began.... read more

BDE: Mrs. Esther Kohn a"h

BoroPark24 StaffIt is with sadness we report the passing of Mrs. Esther Kohn, a”h, at the age of 95, the Almuna of R' Yosef Shmiel Kohn,.... read more

Flu Season Isn’t Over Yet

C.G. HoffmanWe hate to be the bearers of bad news, but flu season is just not over yet. 2024 brought with it a particularly malevolent.... read more

Skulener Rebbe to Return to New York Following Months in Arizona

YS Gold The Skulener Rebbe is set to return home to New York, as per today's announcement, following months in which he was in Tucson,.... read more

Residents of Boro Park Center Celebrate Completion of Masechtes Brochos in Dirshu Amud Yomi Framework

YS GoldBoro Park Center residents have anticipated the Masechtes Brachos Dirshu Amud celebration for months, ready and eager to give kavod.... read more

Me’or Hatefillah Makes Journey to Poland for Torah and Tefillah

YS Gold Khal Me’or Hatefillah, under the leadership of Rav Yosef Paneth, shlit”a, is a close-knit kehillah which is centered.... read more

Construction Unions Hold Rally to Demand Increased Funds for Roadways and Bridges

by Mindy Cohn Local construction unions are demanding more support for roads and bridges, pointing to the lack of funding that has.... read more

EBT Skimming Reaches Crisis Proportions

C.G. HoffmanThe scourge of EBT skimming by Food Stamp scammers has reached crisis proportions, city officials say. In the last 6.... read more

Police Officers Disappear From Subways After Money Runs Out

By Yehudit GarmaiseWondering where the police officers have gone after making a brief appearance underground to combat subway crime, which.... read more

Part of F Train Line Suspended After Person Struck by Train

YS Gold A person was struck this afternoon at the Avenue N Station, causing delays and suspensions to the train lines. The victim.... read more

All MTA Stations Will Have LED Bulbs by 2026

YS Gold The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has pledged today to switch all subway stations in the city to all LED lighting,.... read more

Chasdei Hashem: 11-Year-Old Boy Found After Major Search

UPDATE: 1:58 p.m.Chasdei Hashem: After hours of searching, the 11-year-old boy was found and reunited with his.... read more

Heimish Marketing Students Learn From Leaders in Marketing

This week, Viewpoint Academy invited Yossi Blumenfeld from GCNY Marketing-the largest heimish Jewish marketing agency in the US-to educate new.... read more

In Just A Decade: A Stretch of 13th Avenue Undergoes Complete Transformation

YS Gold It was not that long ago when the stretch of 13th Avenue between 44th and 45th Street was occupied by completely different.... read more

New Work Zones in Boro Park Mean Stiffer Penalties for Speeding

YS Gold As BoroPark24 has reported, the read more