NYPD Addresses Staten Island Security Concerns at Stapleton Day of Action

NYPD Addresses Staten Island Security Concerns at Stapleton Day of Action

 On November 19, 2020, in the Stapleton section of Staten Island, the NYPD convened a day of action and addressed community security concerns. Mendy Mirocznik, president of the Staten Island Council of Jewish Organizations, Ari Weiss, Security Chairman, COJO-SI and Coordinator of the Staten Island Shomrim and Scott Maurer, CEO and Executive Vice-President of COJO-SI represented COJO at this important outdoor event. 


Top NYPD brass such as Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, Chief of the Community Affairs Bureau, Inspector Victoria Perry, Commanding Officer of the Community Outreach Division, Lieutenant Joseph Abdelmessih, Lieutenant of the Community Outreach Division, Detective Mohamed Amen, Clergy Outreach Detective, Inspector Tania Kinsella, Commanding Officer of Pct. 120 and various neighborhood coordinating officers were in attendance.


The objective of distributing food packages and discussing the reality of the impact of Covid 19 took center stage. Along was a detailed discussion on the reality of policing in this challenging time of Covid.  

According to Mendy Mirocznik, “Chief Maddrey who formerly served as the Commanding Officer of Brooklyn Patrol Borough North is no stranger to policing. His vast expertise in policing became evident during this pandemic crisis. Thanks to his vast experience he was easily able to navigate to the realities and challenges that he and the department are facing and his efforts in no small part have helped keep Staten Island together with the rest of New York City safe.


One big challenge the police is facing is how to secure Synagogues and houses of worship at a time they are shut down and or are at less then normal use. How to keep an eye on a potential situation before it erupts. The answer is effective communication and coalition building. I first hand have witnessed this communication and cannot stress how fortunate that COJO, our CEO and Executive Vice-President Scott Maurer and Security Chairman Ari Weiss are that we are in constant communication with Chief Maddrey and his extraordinary officers. This communication helps to alleviate our concerns as the Chief is prompt in responding to them. In turn COJO is able to disseminate important security information to the community and to assure them that the police are doing what they do best, keeping us safe during these difficult times.  

On behalf of COJO-SI we cannot thank Chief Maddrey enough for his outreach and hands on leadership of the Community Affairs Bureau. Your dedication to service and to the residents of New York City is appreciated, respected and noted.”


Chief Maddrey stated, “that COJO-SI is a great example of a stellar coordinating agency that is there for the entire Staten Island. It is through COJO, and its dedicated leaders such as Mendy Mirocznik, Scott Maurer and Ari Weiss that I am able to build community confidence and trust. COJO is renowned for having a great working relationship with all the diverse communities residing in Staten Island and has successfully forged a great relationship with the NYPD, clergy, civic leaders, and elected representatives. This relationship and coalition are instrumental in assisting the NYPD in doing what we do best and that is policing. This spirted, energetic and  positive team work is helping the NYPD in overcoming the pandemic and beyond. I truly am proud of COJO your commitment and your contribution to the welfare of the constituency which you serve. COJO keep up the great inspiring work.

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