NY Cancels Quarantine Requirement for Domestic Travelers, Ramps up Vaccination Efforts

NY Cancels Quarantine Requirement for Domestic Travelers, Ramps up Vaccination Efforts

By Yehudit Garmaise

     As COVID rates continue to decrease, fully-vaccinated, domestic travelers to New York are no longer required to quarantine or get tested upon arrival in New York City, announced Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who added that international travelers must follow the latest guidelines on testing and quarantining put out of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

    In addition to significantly increasing the maximum capacities of residential and social gatherings and large-scale events, the state is hoping to further facilitate safe gatherings by providing New Yorkers with “coronavirus passports” that contain proof of vaccinations and negative tests that can be shown upon entry.

     While the COVID positivity rate continues to decline, the state’s vaccination effort is ramping up, as the state has vaccinated more than 5 million New Yorkers, the governor said.

    Although the mass vaccination site at Medgar Ever College was initially only serving residents in prioritized ZIP codes that were chosen by the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Taskforce on Racial Equity and Inclusion, the Crown Heights center is now open for all Brooklyn residents who are eligible to be vaccinated.

  In addition, today New York received an initial shipment of what the governor expected to be 157,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines, the third immunization against COVID to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

   While both Pfizer and Moderna have increased their productions of vaccines by 70% and that vaccine supply will continue to increase, the governor explained that after today’s initial delivery of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, its production is expected to slow down a bit, but the company will soon build up its production.

   “President Joe Biden has said that the country will have enough supply of the vaccine by end of May,” the governor said.

     On a recent conference call with Jewish reporters, Health + Hospitals CEO Mitch Katz, MD, said, “I think there are a lot of reasons to hope that the world is going to [soon] return to normal, even if we don’t know exactly when.”

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