New Yorkers Hesitant to Return to Public Transit after Pandemic, Poll Says

New Yorkers Hesitant to Return to Public Transit after Pandemic, Poll Says

     Although one might think that New Yorkers might feel more comfortable returning to public transportation as the COVID positivity rate nears a negligible percentage, and more than 52% of the city has gotten at least one vaccination shot, New Yorkers’ comfort level taking subways and buses is actually decreasing.

     Only 42% of city residents told Spectrum News NY1/Ipsos that they feel comfortable taking subways and buses, and that number is down from 50% of New Yorkers who were polled in April.

     New Yorkers may still feel hesitant about riding in close quarters with others on mass transit, or the city’s residents may continue to be scared off by a spate of violent crimes that taken place in the city in recent weeks.

     “The concerns about crowds, prolonged activities indoors, and doing so without masks: I think it’s still a bridge too far for many people,” said Ipsos research director Mallory Newall.

    Although most New Yorkers say are eager to get back to participating in many elements of city life, they say they plan to continue to exercise caution.

    In the poll, for instance, only 63% said that they would feel comfortable dining indoors at a restaurant once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday that he will once the vaccination rate hits 70%.

    In addition, only 37% of New Yorkers said that they are ready to go without masks in indoor public spaces.

    “People are generally a little bit hesitant,” Newall said, “and they’re starting to think a bit more about their safety and what that means for their daily lives."

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