New Recipe: Apple Butter CHICKEN RIB STEAKS

New Recipe: Apple Butter  CHICKEN RIB STEAKS
A very simple recipe with a twist though. To be served on your Dinner, Shabbos, 
or Yom Tov table, or for any special occasion. Yields: 6 portions. 

·  6 pieces chicken rib steaks




·  1 cup apple butter

·  ¼ cup white wine

·  2 tbsp dijon mustard

·  2 tbsp honey

·  1 tbsp onion flakes or powder

·  salt and pepper, to taste


Combine and mix well the marinate ingredients.

Let the chicken steaks marinade into the mixture for an hour or overnight refrigerated.

Broil uncovered for 15 minutes or bake uncovered in a 450˚F oven for 20 minutes.

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