Junior Chef: Chodesh Adar Fantastic Fish

Junior Chef: Chodesh Adar Fantastic Fish

Just our mazel! Chodesh Adar Fantastic Fish cookies for your Junior Chef to make a splash for Rosh Chodesh Adar Rishon this week.

You will need:

Colorful black and white cookies

Colorful M&M’s

Marshmallow fluff

Edible black marker 

Step #1: Take one M&M and dip it into a marshmallow fluff to make it stick. Place it at the edge of the cookie in a pattern - first 2 M&M’s, then a row of 3, and a row of 4.

Step #2: Pick out a white M&M and make a small black circle with the edible marker in the center for the eye. Stick it on the other side of the cookie with marshmallow fluff.

Step #3: Take a red M&M and break it in half. Use the marshmallow fluff to stick it at the edge of the cookie to form a mouth.

Step #4: Take a picture of the finished creation and send it to [email protected] with the name of your Junior Chef to share with our readers.   

Looking forward!

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