HATE IN BORO PARK: Suspect Randomly Attacks Chassidic Man on 18th Ave

BY: Boropark24 Staff A deeply disturbing video from Thursday evening showed a bicycle-riding man in a white sweatshirt passing a.... read more

Four Arrested After Stabbing Incident Friday Night on New Utrecht Avenue

Four people were arrested after a group of people in their 20’s were stabbing each other on New Utrecht Avenue and 50th Street, Friday night.... read more

Person Assaulted, Left with Serious Wounds to Head on Fort Hamilton Parkway

A person was assaulted by a gang of about 5 people who fled the scene after the attack on Fort Hamilton Parkway and 58th Street on Thursday.... read more

Moped Rider Crashes into Jewish Driver, Punches Him, and Attempts to Steal His Fallen License Plate

After a man riding a moped on 8th Avenue at 3:45pm collided with the Jewish male driver of a car near 39th Street, the impact of the crash caused.... read more

Fire Rips Through Home on 14th Avenue, No Injuries Bh

No one was injured Bh when a fire ripped through a residential home Sunday afternoon on 14th Avenue near 42nd Street. read more

Video Footage: Catalytic Converter Stolen Off Gourmet Glatt Delivery Van

BoroPark24 exclusively obtained footage of three suspects stealing a catalytic converter off a Gourmet Glatt delivery van early Sunday.... read more

Staten Island Man Convicted in Infamous Boro Park Assault on 13th Avenue on Two Hasidic Jews

A 41-year-old Staten Island man was convicted on Wednesday of attacking two Hasidic Jews in two separate incidents on an October morning in an.... read more

U.S. Mail Burglars Loot Mail Boxes Around Neighborhood

By: Boropark24 Staff Boro Park Shomrim is asking members of the community this evening to be vigilant in emptying their postal.... read more

Residential Building Catches Fire on 47th Street

A residential building on 47th Street between 11th Avenue and New Utrecht caught on fire after wires attached to the house started burning on.... read more

Multiple Arrests in Boro Park Overnight

By: Boropark24 staff While Boro Park residents slept soundly in their homes, the wee hours of Sunday morning were a flurry of activity.... read more

Shomrim Apprehends Suspect in Theft of Expensive Building Equipment

BY: Boropark24 Staff At around 3:00 a.m. Shomrim received a call that an electric bike had been stolen by a group of three men in the.... read more

Custodian at Community Shul Stabbed to Death in Apparent Robbery

By: Boropark24 staff Yenner Rodas was a well-liked laborer at Posner’s Grocery and a longtime custodian at the Chernobyler Beis.... read more

NYPD: Electric Bicycle Stolen from Home on 42nd Street

The NYPD released a photo of a suspect that allegedly stole a bicycle from within a private residence in the area of 12th Avenue and 42nd.... read more

Multi-Vehicle Accident on Ocean Parkway Sends Two Patients to Hospital

A multi-vehicle accident on Tuesday evening caused injuries to a few people, sending two to the hospital for further treatment.The accident.... read more

Large Amount of Money Stolen from Boro Park Family

A Boro Park family was deeply dismayed when they found that jewelry and cash were stolen from their home over the weekend while they were.... read more

Firefighters Battle Apartment Blaze

Firefighters are working to extinguish a blaze on 12th Ave and 46th St as flames threaten to engulf a three family house. Flames and.... read more

Elderly Man Assaulted, Suspect Apprehended

BY: Yehuda AlterA 70-year old man was walking in the vicinity of McDonald and Ditmas Avenue this afternoon, when he was randomly, viciously.... read more

Metropolitan Bank to Replace Rite Aid on 13th Avenue

By: Yehuda Alter read more