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Watch: Isaac Honig Medley – Yossi Lebowitz

2 Feb 2019 7:54 PM

Growing up in Williamsburg Brooklyn, we all enjoyed and continue to enjoy the beautiful melodies sung by the great Chasidic singer Isaac Honig. Singing his songs at Kumzitzs, Sheva Brachos & countless other Simches over the last couple of years, I felt it was time to release this stunning collection of some of Isaac’s most beloved songs.

I invite you to sit back and enjoy, as the attendees did at this beautiful Bar Mitzvah.

Musicians: Keyboard/ Backup Vocals:

Yumi Gelb

Guitar/ Backup Vocals:

Yidel Rosenfeld Percussion/ Backup Vocals:

Meir Leffler Sound & Lighting:

Greenfeld Productions Mixed by:

Avrumi Berko Video:

BenHesh Studios Press:

The Marketing Tree Songs:

Kadesh A Yiddele Rachem Ki Lashem

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