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Tosher Rebbe in Boro Park Today

17 Jan 2018 10:23 AM

The Tosh Rebbe will be in Boro Park today, Wednesday, for a wedding with Machatunim from  Maeh Yechezkel, Karlsburg, Tosh, Hadas, and Chust.

The kallah is the daughter of the Rav from Mareh Yechezkel, and the granddaughter of the Karlsburger Rav.

The Chosson is the son of R’ Yisochr Dov Moshe Tirnaur, and the grandson of the Chuster Rebbe.

Many Rabbonim are expected to attend the wedding, which will take place at Ateres Golda Hall.

The Tosher Rebbe is a brother-in-law to the Chuster Rebbe

The Chosson is a great-grandson to the previous Tosher Rebbe, R’ Meshilim Feish Zt”l, and a great nephew to the current Tosher Rebbe.

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