Maimonides Reduces Visiting Hours Because of Influx of COVID Patients

Maimonides Reduces Visiting Hours Because of Influx of COVID Patients

    A recent increase of COVID patients has caused Maimonides Medical Center to reduce its visiting hours and put into place additional protective health protocols for all visitors.

    Now, only one masked visitor per day is permitted to visit one of the hospital’s patients for no longer than four hours.

     Additionally, every visitor to Maimonides is allowed only to go directly to one patient’s room, where the visitor must remain for the duration of the visit. Visitors are not permitted to visit other areas of the medical center, nor are visitors allowed to stand or sit in the hallways or near elevator banks.

    Although the new restricted hours are subject to change, for now, they are as follows:

   Sunday to Friday: 1pm to 7pm

   Shabbos: 2pm to 8pm

     The hospital also now provides all visitors with masks that, without exception, must always be worn correctly by completely covering visitors’ mouths and noses.

    Visitors who fail to wear their masks correctly will be asked to leave the medical center immediately, and their future visits may be restricted.  

    Maimonides also asks all visitors to practice scrupulous hand hygiene.

     In addition, all visitors must consent to COVID symptom checks and temperature checks, after which, patients will be given four-hour visitors’ passes.

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