Fascinating Montage of Vintage Video of Gedolim of Yesteryear Published

Boro Park - For decades in the 1900s, M.D. Yarmish went around with his video recorder and captured rare footage of countless gedolim. With the coronavirus forcing people home, he is now releasing some of his best, many of them for the first time.

Watch Rav Moshe Feinstein interact with his grandchildren, the previous Bobover rebbe at a dinner, the Klausenburger rebbe at a chasuna, the Beirach Moshe of Satmar cry bitterly at a rally, Rav Shalom Schwadron, the famous maggid of Yerushalayim, enthralling an audience, and many more.

All the videos are at least 30 years old. Watch 24 minutes of unique footage of gedolim you've heard about and learned their sefarim but likely never saw in person.


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