Ramapo Police Reaches Out to Local Community to Learn More on Community Policing

Top ranking officers from the Ramapo Police department beached our to NYPD 66th Precinct Inspector King to learn more on community relations when it.... read more

Thiefs Steal Cash, Prescription Drugs from Dr.’s Office

Two suspects are sought for stealing $300 in cash from a person’s wallet, a watch and prescription medication from a Doctor’s office in Boro Park.... read more

Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum, ZT’L, Director of Rabbinical Alliance of America Remembered at his fourth Yahrzeit observance held at Maimonides Medical Center

On February 25, 2020, Rosh Chodesh Adar, the Rabbinical Alliance of America/Igud HaRabbonim convened its monthly seudah and conference in observance.... read more

Packages Stolen From House Front in Boro Park

Boro Park – At least two packages were stolen from in front of a house in Boro Park. The thief took the packages that had been delivered to a.... read more

BDE: Reb Velvel Fernoff z"l

Boro Park – Reb Velvel (Arye Zev ben Yitzchok Dovid) Fernoff z”l, a well known and beloved Boro Park resident, was niftar today at age.... read more

State DEC Delays Enforcing Plastic Bag Ban to April 1

Although the law banning plastic bags for most stores takes effect March 1st, the State Department of Environmental Conservation says it won’t.... read more

Boro Park Stores Grapple With New World of No Plastic Bags

By Yochonon Donn Boro Park – Plastic bags are off limits but may be sold as regular items. Paper bags are only permitted for a fee. But wait,.... read more

Bicyclist Transported to Hospital with Injuries After Crashing Into Vehicle

A bicyclist suffered minor injuries after crashing into a vehicle at at New Utrecht Ave and 54th Street on Friday afternoon. According to initial.... read more

One Surprising Victim of the Virus: Corona Beer

New York – A mistaken connection between the coronavirus and a beer with the same name is leading a surprisingly large number of Americans to.... read more

Toldos Avrhum Yitzchok Rebbe to be Shabbos in Boro Park

The Toldos Avrhum Yitzchok Rebbe from Eretz Yisroel will be in Boro Park for the upcoming Shabbos Teruma for the Shabbos Sheva Brachos of a.... read more

Lipa’s New Album to be released during Music Week at Eichler’s

Music lovers rejoice! In honor of Adar and the simcha it projects, Eichler’s of Boro Park brings on the music. Every music aficionado in the Tri.... read more

Trump Sends Letter to Jersey City Cheder Praising Kids’ ‘Resiliency’

By Yochonon Donn Jersey City – President Trump penned an emotional letter to the cheder of Jersey City, praising the children’s heroic.... read more

New Recipe: Pesto Broiled VEAL SCALOPPINI

This recipe goes well over thin chicken cutlets or over thin beef shoulder steaks. I made my own pesto recipe but you can use any bought pesto.... read more