BDE: Mrs. Chana Roiza Eichenholtz A”H

BDE: Mrs. Chana Roiza Eichenholtz A”H

Boro Park - We are saddened to inform of the petira of Mrs. Chana Roiza Eichenholtz, a Holocaust survivor and longtime member of Boro Park’s Bobover kehilla, who was niftar on Shabbos. She was 95.

The levaya of Mrs. Eichenholtz, whose husband was niftar seven years ago, will take place at 10 o’clock Sunday morning at Shomrei Hadas chapel, followed by kvura at Bobover Chelka in Deans, New Jersey.

Born in 1925 to Reb Gedalia and Sarah Ruda in Lodz, Poland, Chana suffered through the Holocaust before making her way to the United States after the war and marrying a fellow survivor. Her husband, Reb Shiya, was one of those rescued through Schindler’s List. She served as a homemaker during her life.

She is survived by two children, Reb Yisroel and Mrs. Shaindy Sternhill.

Yehi zichra boruch.

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