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BDE: Petirah of Habucher Yochi Ruby Z”L

13 Jun 2019 10:00 PM

We are saddened to inform you of the petira of Yochi Ruby (Habucher Yochanan Z’L Ben R’ Yechezkal Binyamin) at the age of 25. Yochi, who grew up living in Boro Park and moved to Lakewood a few years ago, has suffered from many different illnesses just about his entire life. The past few years his lungs failed and had to walk around with an oxygen tank to help him breath. He was scheduled for a lung transplant about 3 years ago but due to last minute complications it wasn’t able to be preformed. The past few weeks his condition got very serious, Klal Yisrael davened for his refuah and his friends were by his bedside around the clock. He was nifter just after 9:00 .p.m. surrounded by his parents, siblings and close friends. The Levaya will start in Boro Park where it will be held at 9:00 .a.m. in front of the Stoliner Shul on 16th Ave and will then go to Lakewood where a Levaya will be held at 11am in front of the Stoliner Shul on East 7th Street. He will then be brought to the cemetery in Deans, NJ where he will be buried.

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