Bobover Yungerman Confirmed Coronavirus Case in Boro Park

Boro Park – A yungerman who belongs to Boro Park’s Bobover kehilla became the third confirmed coronavirus case in the frum neighborhood. The.... read more

Purim in Yazlowitz

BDE: Harav Eluzer Eichler Z"L

We regret to inform you the petirah of Boyaner Ruv of Boro Park, Harav Eluzer Ben Zion Eichler, one of the oldest Rabanim in Boro Park. The Ruv was.... read more

Boro Park May have it’s first case of Coronavirus.

A woman has reportedly been tested positive with COVID-19. The Koruv Shul on 19-59 has sent an alert to its members that the woman was in attendance.... read more

Drunk Driver Arrested After Walking Away From Car

Boro Park – A man who drank several beers and then got into his car and crashed it was arrested by police on Motzei Shabbos. The drunk drove.... read more

COJO Flatbush Postpones Legislative Breakfast Due to Public Health Concerns

COJO Flatbush CEO Louis Welz announced on Wednesday that the social service agency’s 41st annual Community Legislative Breakfast, scheduled for.... read more

Shabbos in the Shadow of the Coronavirus

Shuls across the world are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic in four different ways: 1. Cities such as Antwerp, Teaneck and Far Rockaway have.... read more

Maimonides Updates Visitor Policy Effective March 15 to Further Protect Patients and Staff

In light of the growing pandemic and rapid spread of the coronavirus across New York City, Maimonides Medical Center is updating its visitor policy.... read more

Felder & Yeger Praise Touro College VITA Program Free Income Tax Preparation & Electronic Filing

Touro College LAS is once again providing free tax preparation and electronic filing services in English, Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French.... read more

Purim in Bobov

Purim in Skulen

Travel Agencies Cancel Upcoming Trips to Lizensk Fearing Spread of Coronavirus

Following a guidance from the Mayor of Lizensk banning any gatherings larger than 100 people, many travel agencies have canceled their planned trips.... read more

Two Coronavirus Cases Confirmed in Maimonides

Boro Park – Maimonides Medical Center confirmed Wednesday that two patients of theirs have tested positive for coronavirus. The hospital in.... read more

Maimonides Updates Visiting Policy to Ensure Safety of Patients and Staff

In an effort to ensure the hundreds of patients and staff members, Maimonides Medical Center has updated it’s visiting policy seeking to minimize.... read more

Bobov: Elderly, Sick People Should Stay Home on Purim

Boro Park – The Bobover kehilla is requesting that the elderly and people who are sick or are immunocompromised should stay home this Purim and.... read more