Krias HaTorah in Coronavirus Era: Rav Mechel Steinmetz Responds to Halachic Queries

By Yochonon Donn   For thousands of years, the beis haknesses, Klal Yisroel’s shuls, have been the refuge for the Yid. Through Roman.... read more

Maimonides Going Into Lockdown: No Visitors Aside for Spouse and Parents

Maimonides Medical Center is going into an emergency lockdown Wednesday night, with no visitors allowed aside for a spouse or parent. Boro.... read more

Two Lawmakers Call on NYC to Waive Water Fees Amid Virus

New York – Two Brooklyn lawmakers are calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to postpone payment of water fees amid the coronavirus outbreak. The.... read more

Hatzolah calling for everything to be shut down, including shuls, yeshivas, mikvaos, schools, shiurim and public gatherings.

The coronavirus is actively spreading in our community. There are a significant number of people affected, with many on ventilators in the ICU’s.... read more

Shomer Shabbos, Iconic 13th Avenue Shul, Closes Over Virus Fears

Boro Park – It stood through war and peace, depression and the Roaring Twenties. But a virus brought it down. The Shomer Shabbos shul, a 13th.... read more

BDE: Reb Yaakov Shlomo Biegeleisen z"l, Owner of Sefarim Store

Boro Park – Reb Yaakov Shlomo Biegeleisen, who together with his brother owned the eponymous sefarim store that delighted generations of Boro.... read more

White House Has Conference Call With Leading Rebbes

Washington – The White House, in an extraordinary conference call with leading rebbes, encouraged the Orthodox community to embrace social.... read more

VIDEO: Dirshu – Paris Siyum on Brachos - Torah Never Stops – No Matter What!

The French Revolution Continues! By Rabbi Nachman Seltzer As someone who has covered many siyumim in various locations around the globe, I have been.... read more

Several Boro Park Halls Announce Closure Due to New Rules

Boro Park – One by one, chasuna and simcha halls in Boro Park announced on Tuesday that they were closing immediately, citing the new.... read more

Stolin to Close Shuls in Boro Park, Monsey for Two Weeks

The Stoliner Kehila announces that they will be closing their Shul in Boro Park and Monsey as 2 people who were at these locations have been tested.... read more

'Over a Hundred' Boro Park Residents Test Positive for Coronavirus

Boro Park – More than a hundred people who were tested in Boro Park on Monday have coronavirus, an urgent care clinic confirmed. Asisa said.... read more

Cuomo Clarifies: Order Closing Schools Includes Private Schools

New York – Gov. Cuomo signed an executive order closing all schools in New York state, including private schools such as yeshivas. The order.... read more

Trump Advising Americans to Avoid Gatherings of Over 10 People

Washington – President Trump on Monday recommended that older people stay home and that all Americans avoid crowds of over ten people as part.... read more

Chai Urgent Care Becomes Rapid Testing Site For Coronavirus

With the coronavirus pandemic causing a level of anxiety among members of the community, Chai Urgent Care was declared an eligible testing site for.... read more

Purim in Boro Park. (Part 1)

Photos by: Akiva Hershko   .... read more

Governors of NY, NJ and Connecticut Close Schools and Institute Curfews

New York – Schools across the tristate area will be closed and gatherings limited to no more than 50 people, the governors of the three states.... read more