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See Why Everyone is Talking About Breadberry Local

11 Sep 2017 4:42 PM

Everyone is talking about Breadberry Local, the brand new luncheonette located in the lobby of Brooklyn Square. Brooklyn Square is the newly renovated office building at 3611 14th Ave., which houses the offices of local businesses. For those in and around the building, Breadberry offers an overwhelming array of scrumptious salads, satisfying sandwiches, fresh fruit, delicious drinks and tempting treats, right in your area. Buying lunch at  Breadberrys’ just may have been the best business decision you’ve made all day!

The Brooklyn Square, Home of Breadberry Local

Check out the amazing selection of sandwiches, pressed paninis, and mouth-watering melts.

Quick and convenient: employees enjoy lunch at Breadberry Local.

A partial view of the variety of good food at Breadberry Local.

Whatever your age or taste, you will find what to eat at Breadberry Local.

Visit Breadberry Local at:
3611 14th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

For more information, call Breadberry:


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