NYPD Releases Grisly Video of Train Station Assault of Two Female Israeli Soldiers

NYPD Releases Grisly Video of Train Station Assault of Two Female Israeli Soldiers

Two female Israeli tourists got an unfortunate glimpse of the American underworld early Thursday morning when they were beaten and robbed at a Brooklyn train depot.

The incident unfolded shortly after midnight when the two women, one of whom is 20-years-old and the other 21, were going up the stairs at the “F” train station on Avenue I and McDonald. Grisly footage of the encounter disseminated by police showed two black teenagers, one male and one female, suddenly attack the two women on the platform steps.

The assailants were brandishing a knife and a taser and began beating the two and threatening them with the taser. One of the victims had her hair pulled and was beaten while the other handed over her iPhone and pocketbook containing cash and credit cards, begging her attacker to stop hitting. The pleas went unheeded as the assailant continuing training merciless punches on his victim.

The assault didn’t even end when a man passed by holding two bags. The man hurried past the assault and did not attempt to intervene. It only ended when the two suspects fled on foot.

The two victims, both of whom had served in the Israeli military, were transported to Maimonides Medical Center, where they were treated for cuts and bruises sustained during the struggle. They left back to Israel on Friday.

Police are searching for the two suspects. The first suspect was described as a black female of approximately 16-19 years of age, 5’3″ and of average weight. She was last seen wearing a dark coat and black sweat pants with a “JUST DO IT” logo.

The second suspect, a black male, is also in his high teens. He is about six feet tall and average weight. He was last seen wearing a black coat and black ADIDAS sweat pants.

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