Yitzchok Landau Presents: Zochreinu L'Chaim

Zochreinu L'Chaim, the melody originally created by Chabad Chassidim who lived in Nikolayev Russia, and after that it was adopted by the holy Reb Hershele from Kretchniff where he actually added the words of Zochreinu L'Chaim. Everywhere they knew the song they use to sing it in holy spiritual times like in Chodesh Tishrei, so in a year like this with so much tragedy's and suffering, a song with such words means alot that we ask Hashem "Zochreinu L'Chaim", remember and sign us to life, what a better time is there to release such a song and give the world to taste some nice Hartzige melody's.

Yitzchok Landau young and talented, came on a mission to release this song professionally for its very first time, while it's more then a 100 years old but was never published yet by anyone, so in order the world should enjoy such an amazing heartwarming melody, I think after listening to the song just once you can see how it has something to it, verse one without the words even, goes into a mans heart and opens the strings straight to Hashem, verse two when you sing it with the words it reaches so high you can't explain it at all and so on when the incredible Child Soloist takes over with taking the high notes on further.

For the Music Arrangement, Yitzchok reached out to a new fast rising star in the industry of music production 'Sruly Neuman', he created something masterfully and beautiful, and when they added the talented voice of young child soloist Duvid Leifer (Featured on lots of beautiful projects in the past) the song came to its climax being a fine masterpiece!

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