Watch Leiby Moskowitz, Motty Vizel & Malchus Choir Performing: "Heartwarming Chuppa!"

In this video, Leiby Moskowitz takes center stage at a wedding in Israel, performing a chuppa while singing Yiddish gramen.

He's joined by the popular singer Motty Vizel, known for his hartzig singing, and the Malchus Choir with their beautiful harmonies.

The music is provided by Itzik Eisenshtadt Productions, creating a beautiful and moving performance that is sure to touch the hearts of all who hear it.

Enjoy the heartfelt and soulful singing of these talented artists as they create a truly unforgettable wedding experience!


Performed by: Leiby Moskowitz & Motty Vizel

Lyrics by: Leiby Moskowitz

Choir: Malchus - Pinchas Bichler

Music: Itzik Eisenshtadt Productions

VideoGrapher: Liran Shemesh

Video Edit: Mendy Getter (Blue Studios)

Production Manager: Shmily Moskowitz

Mixed By: Hershy Pavel

Graphics: Yanky Heller

Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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