Viznitz Rebbe from Bais Shemesh Visits NY

Viznitz Rebbe from Bais Shemesh Visits NY

By BoroPark24 Staff

The Viznitz Bais Shemesh Rebbe has arrived in New York ahead of the yartzeit of his father, the Viznitz Monsey Rebbe z”l, which is next week Monday on chaf tes Adar. 

He davened shacharis yesterday with the Viznitz Boro Park Rebbe, followed by kabulas kohul. Today he davened shacharis with the Viznitz Yerushalayim Rebbe in his shul, which was again followed by kabulas kohul after davening. 

VIznitz chassidim worldwide are preparing for the 6th yartzeit of their beloved Rebbe, whose loss is still felt every day. More details about the yartzeit seuda and which of his sons will be attending are yet to be confirmed. 

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