Three South Florida Locations to Host Chametz Burnings Tomorrow

Three South Florida Locations to Host Chametz Burnings Tomorrow

   Boro Parkers who are spending Pesach in South Florida can attend three different community chametz burnings on Friday, March 26, from 9am to 12pm.

   The community chametz burnings will take place in the northeast corner of the parking lot of Congregation Torah V’Emunah, which is located at NE 174th St. and NE 10th Ave., at Aventura Chabad, which is located at 2801 NE 201 St., and in the north parking lot at 84th Street and Collins Ave. in Miami Beach. 

   Hatzalah of South Florida and Miami Fire Departments have asked that participants only bring smaller pieces of chametz that are wrapped in paper bags or napkins. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, nor any type of rubber will not be allowed in the fire.

   Yidden will have to dispose of larger pieces of chametz elsewhere.

   In addition, Hatzalah provided the following safety precautions so everyone can burn his or her chametz safely.

Kids can only burn chametz in the presence of adults, who must, at all times, supervise children and ensure that they do not stand too close to the fire.

Older children also can be assigned to watch young siblings, as in “a buddy system.”

While fires are burning, no one should ever add flammable materials, such as gasoline or ligher fluid, to cause the fire to flare up.

After chametz has finished burning, participants should not throw the fire’s remains into the trash.

Yidden who are burning their chametz should remain aware of weather and wind conditions and flammable landscaping materials, such as mulch.

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