Supreme Court Rules Trump Will Need to Hand Over His Tax Records

Supreme Court Rules Trump Will Need to Hand Over His Tax Records

Democrats in Congress and President Trump were both defeated by a supreme court ruling today in which the justices ruled that Trump has to release his financial records to NY state prosecutors, but also blocked congress from getting those records, for now, sending it back to lower courts.

Democrats in The House of Representatives say they need Trump’s accounting and bank records for the purpose of investigating whether congress should amend existing federal conflict-of-interest and financial disclosure laws, as well as laws regulating banks.

 in early May, Trump's attorneys argued that the house subpoenas were “unprecedented in every sense.”

 Trump believes there is no valid legislative purpose for the documents and alleges that the house is engaged in a political endeavor finding evidence he broke the law.

 When a lawyer for the house argued in support of the subpoenas issued by three congressional committees, several conservative justices zeroed in on whether the efforts by the democratic-led house amounted to targeted harassment of Trump.

 But in an unfavorable ruling for the President the court ruled that Trump is not immune from New York's subpoena, in relation to an ongoing criminal investigation, but the prosecutor will not get documents just now.

 Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the 7-2 opinion, he said, “We affirm that principle today and hold that the President is neither absolutely immune from state criminal subpoenas seeking his private papers nor entitled to a heightened standard of need.”

 Cyrus Vance, New York's District Attorney, had served a subpoena on Trump's long-time accounting firm, Mazars USA, for his tax returns as part of an investigation into hush-money payments, in violation of campaign financing laws.

 Trump's attorneys asked for temporary immunity for the president against the prosecutor’s subpoena.

 Several justices were skeptical of Trump’s request.

 Justice Sonia Sotomayor stressed that New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance was not targeting official acts by the president.

 “You are asking for a broader immunity than anyone else gets,” she told a Trump attorney.

 In response, the attorney emphasized that the President is different from an ordinary person, Justice Elena Kagan shot back during hearings, saying: “The President is not above the law.”

 The Clinton v. Jones case, the court allowed a private citizen to bring a civil suit against a sitting president, setting a precedent.

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