Subway Ridership Increases, Vaccine Scheduled for December, Death Rate Down

Subway Ridership Increases, Vaccine Scheduled for December, Death Rate Down

The U.S. has signed a contract with Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company working on the COVID-19 vaccine, for delivery of the first 100 million doses in December, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar announced Wednesday. Included in the agreement, the U.S. could buy another 500 million doses.

During the latest phase of reopening, mass transit ridership is skyrocketing, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. Subway ridership is up by 75%, bus ridership is up 57%, Staten Island Ferry ridership is up 70%, and traffic is up 23% on the East River Bridges and 17% on the Harlem River Bridges.

Until recently, New York reported the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country, California has now surpassed NY with a total of 409,000. New York still leads with highest number of deaths at a total of 32,250.

Cuomo said hospitalizations were down to 714 on Tuesday, the lowest it has been since March 18. Nine deaths were reported and 1.04 percent of COVID tests came back positive.

Beaches in Nassau County will be closed at night due to overcrowding.

Restaurants in Hempstead are giving customers a 50% reimbursement on all meals up to $60.

Yoga studios in New Jersey are allowed to reopen at 25% capacity with social distancing and use of masks.

Photo: Patrick Carey / NYC Transit

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