Some B’gan Margarine Not Kosher l’Pesach: Please Check Labels Carefully

Some B’gan Margarine Not Kosher l’Pesach: Please Check Labels Carefully

KASHRUS ALERT: B’gan just announced that the company realized late last night that some of its boxes of Kosher for Pesach margarine were accidentally packed with margarine that is not Kosher l’Pesach.

   Although this packaging error only affects a tiny percentage of B’gan products, the company asks customers to please double-check the inside wrapper of each individual block of B’gan margarine to ensure that is it marked Kosher l’Pesach, which signifies that the margarine is 100% kosher l’Pesach b’hashgacha t’midis (with constant supervision.)

   If customers find that the inside wrappers of their B’gan margarines are NOT marked Kosher l’Pesach, however, then customers should wait until after Pesach to use them.

   Similarly, customers who already cooked or baked with B’gan margarine that was NOT marked Kosher l’Pesach should only eat those foods Isru Chag.

   “Only customers who know 100% that they used B’gan margarine that was not marked Kosher l’Pesach, you should be choishish,” said someone who spoke to the Ba’al Machshir. “But if you have a sufik, a doubt: if you are not sure whether you used the margarine that is not labeled Kosher for Pesach, then you don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to be afraid that you will be eating chametz.”

   B’gan said that customers who may have used Pesach kelim with B’gan margarine that is not Kosher l’Pesach do not need to kasher those keilim.

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