Solutions for Boro Park Victims of EBT Funding Theft

Solutions for Boro Park Victims of EBT Funding Theft

by M.C. Millman

With SNAP EBT (food stamps) thefts on the rise, as reported recently by BoroPark24 here, Boro Park SNAP scam victims are often unsure of where to turn to attempt to recoup losses and prevent becoming victims of the same crime the following month. 

Moshe Naiman, one of the SNAP Specialist at the Boro Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC), shares guidance on what SNAP recipients can do if they notice their funds have been drained, given the experience of the BPJCC, to whom countless families have turned recently due to stolen SNAP fund issues.

When do EBT recipients commonly notice something is wrong?

EBT recipients usually realize something is wrong when they go to pay for their groceries and are told that their benefits are gone when they know that can't be the case. 

Can a scam victim do anything once funds have already been drained from their account?

You can call the EBT Customer Service hotline at 1-888-328-6399 or make an appointment with a caseworker at the BPJCC to have us walk you through the process free of charge. It's important to do something right away to make sure the same thing doesn't happen the next month and also because there is the possibility of recouping the stolen funds.

How can EBT recipients protect their funds from being stolen? 

It's important to change the card pins often to prevent fraud. Additionally, EBT recipients should become familiar with what the card reader is supposed to look like. If it looks wrong, it is wrong. Don't swipe the card in a machine that looks slightly different. Also, call the number on the back of the card often to listen to recent charges and listen out for unfamiliar charges.

Another suggestion is not to leave an EBT account on record with grocery stores, as there have been a number of instances reported where employees have been working for a ring that encourages them to steal the EBT information to utilize the funds.

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