Simchas Beis Bobov-45

Simchas Beis Bobov-45

The Bobov-45 Rebbe Shlita made a l'chaim last night for his granddaughter who became a Kallah. The chosson is R’ Ahron Teitelbaum. The l'chaim was held in the Rebbe's house for immediate family only.

The kallah's father is Rov Yosef who is a son of the Rebbe. Rov Yosef is an eidim of Rav Shmaya Lev

The chosson's father is Rov Leibish Teitelbaum who is the son of Rov Yossel Teitelbaum - the Neplimitzer Rov. Rov Lebish's shver is Rov Lipa Teitelbaum - Rov of Bais Ahron.

Mamed Amiras Mazel Tov will be held Sunday Night in the Bobov-45 Shul on 49 St.

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