Shoshana’s Story: Saving a Life

Shoshana’s Story: Saving a Life

The question wasn’t if, the question was how. When Shoshana’s young, beloved mother developed severe kidney failure, her children frantically conversed to determine how to save their mother’s life. The doctors said she needed a transplant, yet the chances of finding a donor match were very slim.

That’s when she and her siblings decided to consult Renewal, an organization wholly dedicated to supporting kidney donors and recipients through the process of transplantation.

Immediately, Renewal gave the family direction on where and how to test for a match. They oversaw each sibling’s case, and maintained privacy throughout. They supported the family as they endured the rigorous rounds of hospital testing, and were their only resource throughout the process.

Because of Renewal, a process that would usually take nearly a year to complete, took only 3 weeks! 

After much testing, Shoshana was the match her mother needed. The operation date was scheduled. Renewal representatives made sure to be at the hospital from start to finish, with the day beginning before daybreak!

While her mother’s recovery was smooth and successful- Shoshana’s kidney began working in her body immediately!- Shoshana’s recovery was difficult and painful. Renewal’s support made the time bearable.

When Shoshana could not find a comfortable position to sit or lay in, Renewal made sure a special reclining chair was delivered to her home. She used it every day for one month! The recovery process is not necessarily simple, yet Renewal made themselves available day and night, by phone and text, for anything Shoshana and her young family needed.

Today, when speaking with Shoshana about the experience, she reflects on that time of uncertainty and fear for her mother’s life.

She asserts that “without Renewal, we would have had no idea how to help my mother! The process was so complex that even if we would have tried to do it on our own, it likely would not have been possible.”

Renewal is running an urgent campaign now to support a surge in the need for kidney transplants due to the effects the coronavirus has had on some 32% of ICU coronavirus survivors. Without the $18,900 needed for each transplant, Renewal will not be able to facilitate these new transplant needs. Please help them and Give Life, not just Hope to those suffering. 

To contribute to Renewal and take part in saving lives during these unprecedented times, visit RAYZE.IT/KIDNEY/.  

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