Shmueli Ungar & Hershy Weinberger Release New Song Halailah Hazeh

When Hershy met Shmueli Ungar for the first time, Naftali introduced him as the guy who "composed that song I sent you last year." It was a song that almost ended up on Shmueli Ungar's debut album. As we find ourselves in a world filled with questions. Shmueli approached Hershey and Naftali and reminded them of this song that had been sitting on the shelf for too long. Every thing in this world has it's time and place. Shmueli reminded them, the time for this song was now!

We will be entering Pesach very soon, when after we fill the second cup of wine, we turn to the young child, and he asks us, "Ma Nishtana Halailah Hazeh?"  Shmueli Ungar sings in a powerful and mesmerizing duet with Hershy Weinberger. arranged by Naftali Schnitzler of A House of Music productions. We invite you to ask along with us, why? We can't always have the answers, but just as we ask why are we still on this long Golus, why must we endure this pain, and when will it be over?

Halailah Hazeh
הלילה הזה

Shmueli Ungar
ft. Hershy Weinberger
שמילי אונגר - הרשי ויינברגר

Produced by: Naftali Schnitzler
House Of Music

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