Satmar Community Endorses Eric Adams for Mayor

Satmar Community Endorses Eric Adams for Mayor

By Yehudit Garmaise

     The Aronim of the Satmar community in Williamsburg endorsed Eric Adams late last night, earning the front-running candidate a huge and powerful block vote.

     “We have akaros hatov,” said a document that was signed by many leaders in Satmar, Williamsburg. “We have to be united for him, and bring out the most votes for Eric Adams.” 

      “This community knows me from my days of going up to Kiryas Joel and fighting on their behalf,” said Adams’s who is Brooklyn’s borough president, a 22-year veteran of the NYPD, and a former state senator. “We have stood together on so many issues throughout the years. We are going to stand together on many of the issues we will face together in the future.

     “This is a friend,” said askan Rabbi Moshe Indig. “This is why he is the right guy.”

    “We are going to raise good families, we are going to have a safe city,” said Adams at the home of one of the roshei kehilla in Williamsburg. “We are going to grow as a city. We are going to ensure that this is the Empire state. We are going to rebuild the empires in the city.

  “In one year, we are going to see a different city.

  “I am here in Williamsburg, and this is a very significant moment for me in my political career. I am here with leaders of the Satmar community, and these are not new friends; these are old friends.

     “And today, receiving their endorsement, they are saying to everyone in the city that those who are elected and who stood with us, we are going to stand with you.”

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