New York Congressional Delegation Releasing Letter in Support of Compassionate Helper Program at Hospitals

New York Congressional Delegation Releasing Letter in Support of Compassionate Helper Program at Hospitals

Members of the New York Congressional delegation released a letter calling on Hospitals across New York State to create a new Compassionate Companion Volunteer Program that’ll allow patients to connect to their loved ones while they are hospitalized.

A similar letter was released last week by members of the New York State Assembly and Senate, and New York City Council. The letter calls on hospitals to allow those that have tested positive for antibodies and recovered from Coronavirus to volunteer and provide companionship for patients hospitalized with no family members.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, New York hospitals banned any visitors inside hospital buildings unless in immediate situations such as near end-of-life. Many have asked hospitals to allow some form of visitation so patients aren’t left alone with barely any contact to outside family.

The Compassionate Companion programs “will identify individuals who can aid in non-medical, quality-of-life activities to ease a patient’s and their family’s loneliness due to separation,” a draft of the letter seen by BoroPark24 reads.

hose volunteering will need to wear proper protective equipment, and will only help in connecting the patient with outside family, or assist with some of the patient’s non-medical needs.

“We believe that such a program will give peace of mind to patients and their families,” the letter states, “as well as help lessen the strain on our frontline healthcare workers. We therefor offer our support for the creation of this program and stand ready to assist with any statutory or logistical challenges that may be an issue.”

District Leader David Schwartz praised Conessman Rose

“I commend Congressman Rose for taking a lead on this very important issue. If implemented, the Compassionate Companion Volunteer Programs will save lives, one who saves 1 life is as he saved the entire world."

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