New York City Introduces Cargo Bikes

New York City Introduces Cargo Bikes

In an effort to solve the growing congestion issue in New York, the city devised a new plan of action.

New York City will unveil its cargo bike delivery pilot with large companies like Amazon and UPS to free up the city streets.
According to Streetsblog, the Department of Transportation will introduce the plan to designate curbside space for the cargo bikes on Wednesday.
This is the first part of a larger plan to cut down the congestion caused by delivery trucks.
Besides online shopping, another factor that adds to the congestion is the rise in Uber and Lyft vehicles on the streets.
This program will help package-delivery companies offer deliveries via cargo bikes in the place of large trucks.
The bikes are powered by an electric motor that will aid in pedaling with an allowance for up to 400 pounds of cargo.

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